Work-life balance : a short moral story

Work-Life balancea short moral story

A story heard from my father when I started my professional journey. A moral story on Work-life balance
Any transition in life is always challenging. My stepping into the professional world from an MBA college was no different.
Distributor management, sales target pressure, traveling to remote areas, fieldwork…. Immense pressure made me irritated, agitated, excited, nervous & what not…
One day, seeing my condition, my father told me a story on work-life balance. The story is as under :
This is the story of a man who had a happy family comprising of wife & 2 children.
Near his house was a big banyan tree.
Work-Life-balance -a-short-moral-story
His children observed that whenever their father went to the office, he used to bend down under the tree. He waited for some time under the tree & then went to the office.
Again, when he came back from the office. he stood under the tree, waited for some time & then came back home.
After observing for a few days, they inquired –
“Father, what do you do under the Banyan tree ?”
Their father said with a smile –
“When I come home from the office, I hang the garland of office pressure, politics & everything related to the outside world in the tree.
Again, when I go to the office, I stand under the tree & put in the garland of the outside World & go to the office.


My father was working with an international MNC & never did he try to give me any dialogue or theory to solve my problem. But his narration of this short story of 5 minutes changed me forever.
It is always recommended to the parents to give quality time to their kids. A kid is like a seedling, the correct proportion of air, water & sunlight would help him/her grow as a beautiful human being.

Photo credit: Thanks to Fallon Michael
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