Moral stories for Kids & relevance in today’s World : [Frog in a well]

The blog focuses on fascinating moral stories for kids. The parents can tell their Kids at bedtime & also help them develop their moral character.
Storytelling is a very old practice that has been continuing generation after generation.

Permutations & Combinations

Storytelling happens in different permutations & combinations.
  • Grandparents telling moral stories to grandchildren
  • parents particularly mothers telling short stories to kids
  • brother & sisters exchanging humorous stories
  • friends exchanging funny stories with each other

The moral story for Kids is as under :

Moral stories for Kids

A frog was born & brought up in a Well. Morning Sun rarely reached the water surface on the well

The frog was happy enjoying the daily chores in Well life until one day a frog from the sea fell in the well

The frog of the Well asked the other one-Where do you come from?

The other frog said – “Sea”




“Sea? How big is it? ” Said the frog of the well

Then he jumped from one corner of the well to the other & said- “Is it as big as my well?”

The other frog laughed & said “Have you gone mad? How can you compare WELL with SEA?”

The frog from the well said “Impossible! Nothing in this world can be as big as my well! This frog is a liar! Throw him out of the well ! ”

Our World today is no better. A lot of us, be it individual or organizations or schools  have this “Frog in the well” mindset

1. He is from fat & hence does not fit in the cricket team

2. She is a girl & hence can’t play football

3. He is not so good in Mathematics & hence is perceived as an average student for all subjects even though he may be good in Chemistry


The World Today is experiencing an unprecedented situation.

We should come out of such narrow mindsets & make the World a better place to live in.

The story above was narrated by Swami Vivekananda in Parliament of Religions & the moral of the story would help the kids to develop an open mindset from the very early stage of life.

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