Mini jokes for Kids [2 short jokes]

Mini jokes for Kids

Mini jokes for kids are refreshing to the mind. When everything in life is very serious and mundane. It is time to switch the mode.
Looking out for something which is light, fun-filled, and something that is refreshing?
Then read the 2 jokes below and narrate it to your kids.
Hope you will like it.

Mini joke #1: A Thoughtful boy

Little Tojo studies in class I in a school.
He does not like studying. But, he likes to play 24 x 7. Be it indoors or outdoors, he prefers playing to studying.
He is never tired of playing. But whenever he sits for studying, he feels sleepy.
Days and months went by…..
The examination time came and he appeared in the exams.
Tojo was never worried about giving exams.
But, the declaration of results was something which he liked the least…
One such morning, he went to school and his results came out
He came back home and asked his father –
“Daddy, what will you do if I say that I got 100% in Mathematics ?”
The father thought for a while and said –
“What? a perfect 100% !!! Considering your track record, I will faint hearing such news !”
Little Tojo said –
“Daddy! I love you so much. I did not want to see you get fainted! That is the reason I restrained myself. I decided not to get more than 50% marks”

Mini joke #2: Thank God!

It was a hot summer afternoon. A peasant was driving his donkey amidst the fields. In the scorching heat of the sun, both the peasant and his donkey were tired and thirsty.
They walked several miles and on their way, they saw a big melon farm.
Tired and thirsty, it was no longer possible for the man to proceed further.
So, he decided to sit under the shade of a huge walnut tree.
The walnut tree was big and the man looked refreshed after resting under the tree.
Now, he started enjoying the beautiful views of the spreading vines of the big watermelons.
Then he looked up and saw that some tiny walnuts hanging from the highest branches of the huge tree.
He thought to himself –
“Surprising work of God! Such a big tree but the walnuts are so small in size. On the other hand, such huge watermelons hung from thin and flat vines. Why is it so? Is God’s designing correct ?”
Puzzled and confused, the peasant got lost in his own world of thoughts.
Just then, a walnut fell from the tree and hit his head!
The peasant looked up and saw that the tiny walnut which was hanging from one of the highest branches had fallen and hit his head.
He stretched out his hands high up towards the sky.
He said –
“Oh Almighty God! Pardon me! I did not understand your design of the World around us. It is so clever of you that you did not let the watermelons grow on big trees.
Had you grown those massive watermelons on big trees, I would have been dead by now”

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