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Ghost story for Kids – [The Tail of a dog]

Ghost story for Kids – [The Tail of a dog]

Kids prefer listening to ghost stories. Here, I will share a ghost story for kids. But this ghost story is not exactly a scary story. It is funny but more of a moral story.


A poor man needed a lot of money! He went into a forest where a Sanyasi used to meditate. He bowed his head on the feet of the Sanyasi and told him about the need.
The Sanyasi said –
“ Son, I can suggest a solution. But the solution is a bit complicated. I can refer you to a ghost. That ghost can easily solve your problem. But you have to ensure that he gets some work to do all the time. The moment he is without work, he will kill you.”
The man said – “ Don’t worry Baba !… I have lots of work to do! In fact, it would be good for me if that ghost wants to work all the time. Please call the ghost “
The Sanyasi started meditation.
Then he called the ghost & introduced the ghost to the man.

The ghost arrives

The Sanyasi said to the ghost –
“Listen, this man is going to be your master. You will have to work for him. Go with him”.
The ghost told the man – “ Master! Give me some work to do, NOW! Else I will kill you! “
The man had a huge field but did not have any resources to plough the field. So, the man said gladly
“Go and plough this land !”
The ghost said – “Done master!” in a moment’s time
The man was very poor. It was a long time that he ate good food.
He said-
“ Bring me lots of delicious food.“
The ghost said – “Master! Presenting you the plates with all kinds of delicious food. ”
Seeing the speed at which the ghost was doing all his tasks, the man got a bit worried. Then he said –
“ Hello! Make a beautiful palace for me “
“Done! Master ! ” said the ghost
Now the man did not have anything in his mind.
The ghost warned – “Give me something to do, else I will …..kill you !”

The man is scared

Now the man started running….. & he went into the forest to meet the Sanyasi
He told the Sanyasi, “Baba! I don’t need money & pleasure…but help me get rid-off the ghost”
The Sanyasi smiled & said –
“Son, I told you repeatedly about the complication of this offer”.
The man aid –
“I was wrong ! Pardon me…please save my life”.
“Ok. I will give you an idea. You cut the tail of a dog and tell the ghost to straighten the tail of the dog”
In the meantime, the ghost had arrived in that place to kill the man. Just when the ghost was about to pounce on that man, the man ordered the ghost –
“Go and straighten the tail of the dog”.
“Ok master!” said the ghost.
The ghost got engaged in the activity. Every time he straightened the tail of the dog, the tail came back to its original form
Days and months and years went by, but the ghost could not complete his task
The ghost tried numerous times but got mad & finally surrendered to the man.
He said –
“ Keep everything I have given you but help me get out of this crisis. It is impossible for me to straighten the tail of a dog”
Ghost story for Kids - [The Tail of a dog]

Moral of the story

The World around us is like the curly tail of a dog.
Every time you try to straighten it, it will again come back to its original form.
Many problems of the World around happen because of the fanatic mentality.
Nature existed before we were born & will remain to exist even after we are gone.
The fanatic feelings will only give rise to hatred & tensions- nothing more.
If we keep the “Tail of the dog “theory in mind & work selflessly, then the nature around us will be a better place to live in.
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Moral story for kids : A story on faith

Moral story for kids: A story on faith

Moral story for kids introduced at an early age has an advantage. It helps define the moral character of the child. At an early age, the children learn what they see & hear. A child’s brain is like a blank slate. Narrate a good, interesting moral story to a kid, repeatedly. It gets ingrained in his conscience for the rest of his life. Life is a complicated journey. These lessons of moral stories introduced early do help the child later in his life.


A small boy, Jatil lived with his mother in a village in India. They were very poor. The boy lost his father at an early age. His mother would sew clothes for their living. Slowly Jatil was growing up. His mother wanted to impart education to her son. But they were so poor that arranging for bread and butter for daily survival was itself a challenge.

The boy goes to School

Jatil was admitted to a rural school, which was far away from where they stayed. Jatil’s mother used to sew clothes to earn their living and hence it was not possible for her to take her son to school. Jatil had to go to school all alone. On the way to school, he had to cross a dense forest.
The boy’s worry and the solution
One day Jatil told his mother :
“Mother ! I am afraid of going to school !”
The mother aid –
“Why Jatil ? Did your Sir scold you ?”
Jatil said –
” No mother…Sir does not scold me. He is very good and loves me”
“Then what is the issue? Why are you frightened ?” asked Jatil’s mother
“Mother! While going to school, I have to pass that dense forest. It is so dark. The branches of the trees seem like snakes hanging from the trees. Mother, please take me to school. I cannot go to school alone. All kids are being escorted by their parents. Why don’t you go with me? ” said Jatil
Jatil’s mother said –
“But Jatil, how can I go with you ? I have to sew clothes for our living”
Jatil said –
“When the school gets over, it is so dark in the forest. While I enjoy so much in school with my friends, I get frightened while returning. Don’t we have anyone who can take me to school ?”
Tears rolled down the cheeks of Jatil’s mother.
She could not utter a single word. She closed her eyes & prayed to God Shri Vishnu

The mother finds a solution

After a pause, she said –
“Oh! I forgot completely! You have a brother inside the forest. He will take you to school from tomorrow. “
Jatil was surprised. He asked –
” Brother? My own brother? Does he stay inside the forest? Why does he not stay with us mother? “
“Jatil’s mother said –
“Yes Jatil, he stays inside the forest. He looks after cows inside the forest. But when you call him tomorrow while going to school, he will surely respond. His name is Madhusudan.”
Now Jatil was very happy. The fears have disappeared completely. His innocence has won over his fears. Now he was eager to meet his brother & cannot wait further. While on other days, he used to stay scared for the next day. Now, he was impatiently waiting for the next day to come.
Does Jatil meet his brother?
Jatil was in deep sleep when the music of chirping birds woke him up. The rooster crowed and did his daily duty without failure. Jatil opened his eyes and saw that the sun was rising behind the banyan tree near his hut.
Jatila opened his eyes. Today he was very happy. He got ready for school. He said good bye to his mother and went off to school.
As the mother stood in front of their hut and see his son going to school and slowly disappear, she joined her hands and prayed
“Oh Madhusudan (the other name of Lord Vishnu) ! please take care of my little boy”
said Jatila’s mother.

Jatila enters the forest

As Jatila entered the forest, with all enthusiasm he started calling his brother –
Madhusudan dada! Madhusudan dada! ( Elder brothers are called dada in the concerned culture). I am your small brother – Jatila. Where are you Madhusudan dada? Come and walk with me. I feel afraid to go to school through this dense forest.”
Jatila waited but there was no response.
Again he started calling his brother loudly, but still no response
“Why can’t you listen to me Madhusudan dada? I know you will come because my mother told me so…” said Jatila but still no one responded.
Now Jatila started crying & telling –
“Why can’t you listen to me? Mother cannot be incorrect. Where are you Madhusudan dada ?”

Jatila meets Madusudan dada

At that moment, Jatila heard the beautiful sound of a flute. So sweet was the music that Jatila had never heard in his life.
The music of the flute came closer and closer. Now, Jatila observed that a handsome young boy with a peacock feather on his head approaching him.
The young boy was playing the flute and his face was glowing with happiness.
“Are you Madhusudan dada? Did my mother tell me about you? She told me that you will leave your cows in the forest and come to me if I call you.”
“Yes, I am your Madhusudan dada. Don’t worry. I will walk with you through the forest.” The young boy told Jatila with a smile on his face.
Jatila was excited to meet his brother. He told his Madhusudan dada about his school, his home, his mother, and all about his life as both of them traveled through the forest. As they came to the end of the forest path, the young boy stopped.
” Jatila, I will not go further. There is your school. I will go back now” said the young boy with a bright smile on his face.
Jatila said –
“But Madhusudan dada, what will happen in the evening when the school is over? The forest path is very dark and I feel afraid. Will you come in the evening?”
“Call me dear! I will join you and both of us will return back home ” said the young boy
This became a daily routine. Everyday morning and evening, Jatila used to call his big brother. Both of them traveled through the forest. Jatila used to share all his stories of life and what all happened in school. Madhusudan dada listened to his stories and sometimes played wonderful tunes on his flute.

A feast at school

On the way back from school one day, Jatila said –
“Madhusudan dada…tomorrow we have a feast at school. Sir told every one of us to contribute something”
“What do you plan to contribute, Jatila ?” asked Madhusudan dada
“We are very poor. My mother works all day to make our living. I really do not know whether I can contribute anything for the feast”. said a dejected Jatila
“Ask your mother. she will be able to guide you.
Jatila went home and asked his mother.
Jatila’s mother told him that they are very poor. She was very sad but told her son that it is impossible for her to contribute anything to the feast.
“Son, Why don’t you ask your Madhusudan dada. He might be able to help you” said Jatila’s mother.
“He only told me to ask you mother” replied Jatila.
“Is it so? then tell your big brother that I depend entirely on him and nothing more to offer”
said Jatila’s mother and tears made her vision hazy.
On the way to school the next morning, Jatila said to Madhusudan dada that his mother is very poor and she depended entirely on you.
Madhusudan dada smiled and said –
“All right brother. Tell your school teacher that you will bring curd for all the students in your class.”
Jatila was very happy. He said that they are 20 in the class and the pot of curd should be big enough for everyone to share.

The day of the feast

The day of the feast arrived. Jatila on his way to school, waited for his big brother to accompany him and also to bring a big pot of curd for the feast.
As usual, the young boy came playing his flute and handed over a small pot of curd to Jatila and looked at his face.
Jatila looked sad and said –
“Madhusudan dada, this pot of curd looks so small. We are 20 in the class. This small pot of curd is not enough for all in the class”.
Madhusudan dada looked at Jatila’s face, smiled, and said –
“Give this pot of curd to your teacher. It will be enough for all Jatila”
Jatila reaches school
Jatila went to the class and handed over the pot of curd to his teacher.
Looking at the small pot containing curd, the teacher got very angry. He started scolding Jatila and said –
“What is this Jatila? You promised to bring curd for everyone. While the pot of curd you have brought can feed only 5-6 students. Now that I do not have any back-ups also, you have spoilt the treat. Go and keep it at the corner of the classroom”
The feast was almost over when the teacher remembered about the pot of curd. He called Jatila and said –
” Bring that pot of curd and distribute it in the class. There is no point wasting it. At least a few of your friends might have it”.
Jatile, as per his teacher’s instruction, started distributing the curd.

A strange thing happened

As he served the curd to 5-6 of his friends, a strange thing happened. To his surprise, he observed that the pot of curd became filled once again. As he continued distributing the curd to more and more students, the pot was never getting empty.
To his surprise, Jatila observed that each student had enough curd on their plates. But, the pot that he was holding in his hands was still filled with curd.
As Jatila was awestruck and looking at the pot of curd with amazement, his teacher called him and said –
” How is it possible Jatila? You brought such a small pot of curd but you could distribute it to all the students. Each of the students has enough curds on their plates but still, your pot of curd is full. Tell me from where have you managed this pot of curd !”
“My big brother gave it to me” said innocent Jatila
“Big brother? Where does your brother come from? I did not know that you have a big brother…Don’t give me any story. Tell me the truth” shouted the teacher
Jatila told this teacher about Madhusudan dada and narrated about him.
“Where does he live, Jatila? I would like to meet your Madhusudan dada. Will you take me to meet him ?” said the teacher softly
“Sure Sir! In the evening when I go home, I call him and he accompanies me till I reach home. Today you can come with me to meet him” said Jatila.

The Climax

Jatila and his teacher reached the first. Jatila started calling his big brother –
“Madhusudan dada ! Madhusudan dada! “
He called again and again, but no one came.
His teacher looked at him in suspicion and said –
I feel that you are not speaking the truth. You do not have any big brother. You have cooked up a story and narrated it to me”
Jatila tried to convince his teacher but to no avail. His teacher started blaming him for not telling the truth.
Jatila started crying and said –
“Believe me Sir. I have a big brother and his name is Madhusudan. He loves me so much that he gave me this pot of curd because we are very poor and could not manage anything for the feast. He accompanies me daily while coming to school and going back home”.
“You are not telling the truth !” shouted the teacher.
Jatila started crying loudly and said –
“Oh, Madhusudan dada! You must come to me, else I will be labeled as a liar”
Just then came a beautiful melody of a flute…
“There, There he is….he is coming! My Madhusudan dada is coming Sir…” said Jatila
Both the teacher and Jatila eagerly waited to meet Madhusudan dada but no one came
From somewhere they heard a beautiful voice –
“Jatila! Your teacher will need a long time before he could see me. It is because of your mother’s pure faith in me and your innocence and faith in your mother that you could see me. Your mother had begged me to take care of you. That is the reason I walked with you every day”.
Jatila understood that Madhusudan dada was none other than Lord Vishnu himself.

What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You’ve Made Up For Your Kids?

What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You’ve Made Up For Your Kids?

You spend the day in a positive way & summarize the day’s work as a bedtime story for your kid.
My Kid is 5 years old and every night his demands are simple. I will have to narrate a new bedtime story.
Telling new bedtime stories daily looks simple but actually is a complex job.
If you are also facing the same problem, how do you counter it? What might be the way out?
What Are the Best Bedtime Stories You've Made Up For Your Kids
One solution is pretty simple, you can go through my blog and you are safe 🙂
The other solution that I would share here is as under :
One day I thought, what do I do to keep my kid happy?
While listening to bedtime stories is a good practice, but the stock of the stories should be huge…else you are at risk 🙂
I try to spend the day in a positive way. Then narrate the incidences of the day in a simple way with some spices so that it generates interest.

# Bedtime story: Capsule 1

Today I will share my visit to an eco-park early in the morning. As a part of my morning walk routine, I visit that park in winter to see migratory birds.
One morning, I got up from bed to discover that it was a foggy morning. Before stepping out of home, I could not estimate that it was a thick fog. Objects within a handful of distance were also difficult to see.
However, I took off for my destination. When I reached the eco-park, watching migratory birds was a distant dream. The fog was so thick that the trees were difficult to spot. There is a big lake where the migratory birds perch. But with so thick fog, it was difficult to spot them.
So, with such a weather condition, I came back home disappointed.
I clicked a few photos which I could share with my kid.
But, just showing foggy morning photos were not a big hit strategy, but not a failure also.
I sat with my Kid & showed him some selected photos & added some spices along with…

The Positives …

 The positives that I got by telling him the bedtime story :
  • He got interested in nature
  • He understood how foggy morning looks like
  • He was explained the safety measures that one should undertake during fog

# Bedtime story: Capsule 2

My next attempt at that eco-park was successful.
It was early in the morning that I entered the park.
The chirping sounds of beautiful birds made my day
As I went inside, it was sheer frustration.
I could hear the lovely sounds of birds but in the first 45 minutes, I could not see a single bird.
After roaming here and there in search of birds, I spotted a beautiful kingfisher.
I set my camera lens to perfection…
Just as I was getting ready to click, a Haaahaaahaaaa sound from laughing club members made the bird fly away.
Frustrated, dejected … I decided to come back home when a beautiful sound of a bird made me look back.
It was a purple sunbird.
The sunbird was sitting on one flower & suckling nectar.
I set my camera….
It flew & sat on a flower just near me…
The rest was like a dream. It gave me so many poses to click.
I spent maybe 30 minutes on the beautiful sunbird only.
As I looked up, I spotted a couple of green bee-eaters. The bee-eater was feeding on an insect. 3-4 other bee-eaters appeared in some time and again disappeared.
In the next 1 hour was very exciting.
A small tailorbird made me busy because it was very fast.
Many birds were spotted & I could successfully take their photographs.
Best_Bedtime_stories_Purple Sunbird
I came back home with lots of satisfaction & loads of photographs.
Now, it was time to narrate the story to my kid.
I made a selection of the top few photographs & showed them to him. Then made a short sweet story out of the morning incidences and narrated to him.

The Positives …

 The positives that I got by telling him the bedtime story :

  • He saw lots of beautiful birds which he had never seen before
  • He learned the names of the birds
  • Migratory birds come during winter & have a different habitat, he knew that these birds are different from the local ones.
  • He learned the feeding habits of different birds
  • Overall, it was an initial step to love nature.


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Interesting short story [God Jhatpat]

Interesting short story [God Jhatpat]

I would narrate an interesting short story that could change your life.
The background of the story is rural Bengal. It was at a time when rural Bengal implied coconut trees, ponds, cow, muddy lanes, straw huts are more. People were mostly poor.


There was a young lady who lived in a village in Bengal. She was very poor. The only source of her income was by selling oil. This is how she used to manage her family expenses.
It was a rainy day and she was walking through the muddy lanes of her village. She was going to the marketplace which was located a few miles away from her village.
While walking, she was thinking in her mind how she would manage her expenses when she slipped…
She slipped and fell down and all the oil that she was taking with her for selling fell on the ground.
She started crying…
“Now what will I do? My family will die out of hunger. How could I slip!”
An old Brahmin came near her and said –
“What happened, young lady? Why are you crying?”
The lady replied –
“Oh respected baba! I am an oil seller. I sell oil in the marketplace next village and with the earning, I manage my family expenses & feed my kids. Now, I was going to the market for selling oil but slipped and all the oil fell in the ground. I lost everything respected baba. Now, how will I feed my kids?”
The old Brahmin gave a patient hearing and said –
“Don’t worry young lady. I will give you a very easy solution. You will have to perform a puja. If you agree, I will explain the process. After performing the puja, you will get back everything you lost”
“But respected baba, I am very poor. How can I perform expensive puja?” said the young lady

The Puja Procedure 


“It is not at all expensive my dear. Buy 2 betel leaves and 2 areca nuts and go home.
Take water in a small puja vessel and place the betel leaf over it. Take one areca nut and put it over the betel leaf.
Keep the other betel leaf, areca nuts, some batasha (small rounds made with sugar in rural Bengal), vermilion & a little bit of mustard oil on a plate.
Now offer puja to God Jhatpat. Tell him what has happened to you and offer your sincere prayers. After the puja is over, take the water from the vessel with the betel leaf and sprinkle it all over your hut. Now, eat the betel leaves but remember, do not spit anything outside. Don’t worry! You will get back everything you lost.”
Telling this, the old Brahmin vanished in the thin air.
The young lady bought the ingredients for the Puja and went back home. She performed the puja as per the instructions of the old Brahmin……

A milkmaid meets the young lady

 Few months went by…
One day, a neighbour of the young lady, a milkmaid met her in the market.
While chatting, the young lady told the milkmaid about the entire incident.
How an old Brahmin appeared from nowhere. Told her about God Jhatpat and instructed her to perform a puja. After performing the Puja, she got back everything she lost.
She also told that by the grace of God Jhatpat, now she no longer has poverty.
But the milkmaid did not believe her story. She started to laugh and make jokes out of the story. The young lady repeatedly tried to convince the milkmaid. But the milkmaid made fun of her.
It was evening and the sun was setting on the western horizon… Everyone including the young lady and the milkmaid went back home.

The milkmaid got punished

 It was late evening and someone was knocking on the door of the young lady. The young lady opened the door and saw the milkmaid.
“What happened? Why are you crying? Tell me please…what happened to you?” asked the young lady
The milkmaid could not stop crying. Then she replied –
“I made fun of your story, I did not believe you. And now I am being punished for the same.”
“Why? What happened” asked the young lady.
“After I went home from the market, I noticed that I am not hearing any noise from the cowshed. When I went to the cowshed, I saw that all my cows are lying dead in the shed. The cows were so dear to me….Now I am gone. I milk these cows and sell the milk in the market to support my family. I am punished…..should not have made this mistake. Now, what will I do?” said the milkmaid.
The young lady tried to console her but could not do anything.
Then she told the milkmaid-
“Dear, go home today, it is already very late. Tomorrow just before the sunset, you will have to perform the puja of God Jhatpat. You believe me, everything will be fine. I will tell you the puja procedure tomorrow. Go and take a rest now” said the young lady.
The next day morning, the young lady told the milkmaid the procedure of the puja. She also told her –
“After performing the puja, sprinkle the water in the cowshed over your cows with the help of betel leaf. Everything will be fine”
The milkmaid followed every instruction very sincerely. And, to everyone’s surprise, all her cows became alive after the puja was performed.

The Puja became Popular

 Everyone in the village understood that the old Brahmin was none other than God Jhatpat himself.
Then the story of Jhatpat spread like wildfire in all the villages nearby.
The story goes like this…
Jhatpat, Dharfar, and TeenNath were 3 brothers. Dharfar and Teen Nath were offered prayers but Jhatpat did not have any puja. Through these incidences, the puja of God Jhatpat spread all around the villages.
If anyone lost anything, to find it, the villagers would immediately remember the thought about God Jhatpat in mind. They would surely get back the lost treasure. And after getting back the lost treasure, they would have to offer prayers as mentioned in the story.
You can also perform this puja at home. Whenever you lose anything, perform this puja at your home. Narrating this story would take less than 10 minutes of your time. And ingredients are minimal as mentioned.

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Sébastien Goldberg


Bedtime Funny story for kids

Bedtime Funny story for kids

Relax! Before going to bed, relax by telling a bedtime funny story to your Kid.
The entire day, we all are stressed to the brim on account of pressure from different levels. But, we are also gifted with the best gift of God-our kids.
So, before going to bed is the best time to have fun with your kids. And what better than telling them a bedtime funny story.
The story is about a lazy boy – Chiku. He was about 9 years old.
It was a cloudy morning. Little Chiku was lying under a tamarind tree with a hat over his face. Suddenly, he heard his mother calling him –
“Chiku ! where are you? You lazy boy! Again you are sleeping? While your father works so hard in the fields…and you lazy boy…What will I do with you ?”
Chiku rubbed his eyes. He is quite used to these dialogues the whole day. He stretched his arms, yawned, and decided to meet his mother.
“Mother, what happened?” exclaimed Chiku
Mother replied – “Here I give you Rs 100. Go to the market immediately and bring a packet of salt and 5 live crabs.”
As a note of caution, she said –
“Do not play on the way back home. I need to cook and hence come back at the earliest”
Chiku took the money and started his journey for the market place.

Chiku reaches the market



 On reaching the market, Chiku observed that an old lady was selling live crabs. He took a stick and started poking the crabs.
The old lady was startled! She shouted –
“What happened boy? What are you doing with my crabs ?”
“My mother has instructed me to bring live crabs. So, I was checking whether your crabs are live or not” said Chiku.
“Now that I am convinced that these crabs are live, give me 5 crabs,” said Chiku
The old lady tied the 5 crabs and handed over to Chiku. Now he went to another shop for purchasing salt.
He told the shopkeeper –
“If the salt in your shop is salty, give me a small bag of salt”
Then he purchased a packet of salt and started his journey back home. Now, he has with him, 5 live crabs and a small bag of loose salt.

On his way back home

Whistling back home, he ran through the fields & passed through the river banks. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him.
“Hello, Chiku! Where are you going? Come …play with us”
Pointing at the crabs and salt Chiku said –
“No, I need to go back home. My mother is waiting. After I get back home, she will cook.”
“But today is such a nice day Chiku. It is cloudy, let’s play….come on” said his friends.
Now Chiku could not resist himself anymore.
Ok friends. I have a plan in mind.
Untying the crabs he said to them –
“Listen crabs! mother is waiting for you in the kitchen. So walk through the road and go home. I will help you with the direction.
  • Go straight from here
  • Turn left
  • walk straight for 5 minutes and you see a tamarind tree
  • now turn right—> walk for 2 mins and you arrive at our kitchen.
Go! Go! immediately..mother is waiting”
Now what to do with the bag of salt?
Again he applied his mind. He put the bag of salt in the river where the water level was very shallow.
He thought to himself –
” This is a safe place and nobody will be able to spot the salt in this location”
So, he played with his heart out with his friends. When the sun was beginning to set, he remembered to go back home.

Chiku returns home

Chiku’s mother was waiting under the tamarind tree.
She shouted – “You lazy boy! Where is the salt ?”
Chiku said – “Somebody stole it “
His mother said – “Stole salt? Are you trying to fool me ?”
“No mother. I am telling the truth. I had kept it in a safe place”
“Where did you keep it ?”
“I kept it under the river where the water level was shallow so that nobody can trace it. But now, I went to that place and noticed that the cloth bag is there but there is no salt inside” replied Chiku.
Chiku’s mother hit her head against the tree trunk. And then she asked, “And what about the crabs ?”
“Did they not come home? All the 5 crabs were alive mother and so they could walk. I instructed them to come home and report you. I clearly explained them with the direction. It is very surprising that they did not listen to my instructions.” exclaimed Chiku
Chiku’s mother shook with anger. She started hitting her head against the tamarind tree trunk and could not utter any word out of anger. She went back home and slammed the door loudly behind her.
Chiku kept standing and thinking –
“I wonder what went wrong? I do not see any gaps at my end, still, my mother is so angry”

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A brilliant moral story [The Cobra & Sanyasi]

Reading and narrating short moral stories to kids is fun. In the process of reading & narrating, adults also get an opportunity to visit their childhood. Today’s short moral story is about a snake, a King Cobra & a Sanyasi (monk). Hope it will be a nice read. This short moral story is a famous story from “Tales of Sri Ramakrishna”.

The dangerous King Cobra

Once upon a time, there was a snake, a King Cobra who lived in a hole under a Banyan tree.
All people in the village were afraid of the Cobra. Many villagers fell victim to him. He was dangerous & used to bite anyone who passed by the tree where he lived.
The cowboys used to go to the field with their cows through the field where stood that banyan tree.
The cowboys were always scared incase the King Cobra attacked them.
While returning back home in the evening, they hurried back. They were always careful to keep themselves out of the Cobra’s way.

The monk (Sanyasi) arrives

One evening, when the sun was setting from the west, a monk, wearing saffron clothes arrived in the village.
The cowboys at that time were returning back home with their cows. They saw the monk going to the temple.
The next morning, when the cowboys were taking their cows to the field, the monk came along and walked with them.
The cowboys greeted the monk – “Namaskar”
The monk returned their greetings & walked alongside the boys.
When they reached the corner of the field where the Cobra stayed, the monk asked –
“Boys! I need a peaceful place to sit and meditate. I am going & sitting under that Banyan tree.”
The boys got terrified and told the monk –
“Maharaj! please do not go there. A very dangerous King Cobra stays under that tree !”
The monk smiled and said – “Let him stay..I will not disturb him”
The boys were even more alarmed. They said –
“No! the snake is dangerous. He bites and many of our villagers have died because of his bites”
The monk smiled & with a peaceful tone said – “He will not do me any harm”
The boys said – “How do you know? He is always angry! Please don’t go”
The monk said – “I know some mantras. Once I say those mantras, the snake on hearing the mantras will become quiet and gentle. Don’t worry !”
Saying this the monk went for the tree & the cowboys took their cows for grazing in the field.

The monk meets the King Cobra

The monk went & sat under the Banyan tree. The moment he was getting ready to start meditation, the King Cobra came out of the hole hissing….
The King Cobra was furious to see the monk sit under the tree. He raised his hood & started hissing. He was ready to bite the monk.
The monk stood still. His face was calm & had a peaceful smile on his lips.
As the snake came near the monk to bit him….
The monk recited a mantra.
Immediately, the King Cobra lowered his head, feel on the ground & laid there as an earthworm.
The monk said – “I will sit under this tree and meditate. Do not disturb me.”
The King Cobra said – “Very Well Maharaj! I will not disturb you.”
The monk started chanting hymns and mantras. He was reciting mantra after mantra in a rich musical tone.
Hours went by and when the monk opened his eyes, he was surprised…

The transformation in the King Cobra

The monk opened his eyes & with great surprise, he observed that the snake was still lying on the ground in front of him.
The monk asked – “What happened? Did you not go to your hole ?”
“No Maharaj !” replied the snake
The monk said – ” The young boys here were saying that your bite very poisonous. When you bite, people die. Don’t you know that ?”
The snake said “Yes, I know they die”
The monk said – “Then don’t you think that it is unfair…”
King Cobra replied – “I try to get rid off my bad temper but somehow I cannot control it….”
The monk said – “If someone wishes something from heart, he will definitely get it. It seems you do not try hard to achieve your goal”
King Cobra said -“I want to be good. Maharaj, teach me how to be good. I promise I will work hard to achieve it…”
The monk said ” I will tell you a holy word. Keep repeating the holy word over & over again. Do it every day and you will learn to love and be good. From today, I give you a name “Nagaraj”
The next day, the monk left that place for another unknown destination. Before leaving he told the snake –
“Nagaraj! do not forget the holy word. Keep repeating the word every day and do not harm anyone. I am leaving today but will see you after one year”
While leaving the village, the monk met the cowboys on the way. They could not believe their eyes.
The monk said – “Don’t worry! the snake will never bite anyone in the future. “
The boys did not believe in the beginning. As days went by, the villagers observed the King Cobra has transformed. He no longer bit anyone.

The fear about King Cobra gone

As days went by, slowly the fear about the King Cobra also faded away.
As the cowboys went to the field with their cows for grazing, they used to throw stones at the snake.
The cobra no longer took offense. Even when the stones hit him, he ignored and kept muttering something.
After a few days, the boys & villagers became more aggressive. They hit the stones in such a way that it hit his head & back and made him bleed.
One day, the boys hit him on his head in such a way that he started bleeding profusely. Then the boys took him by his tail, swung him round and round over the head & threw him in the bushes.
The boys were excited about the achievement. They laughed & cheered each other thinking that the cobra was dead.

The monk returns

After a year, the monk returned to the village. He again met the cowboys while walking through the muddy lanes.
The boys greeted the monk & informed him that the Cobra is dead!
“Nagaraj is dead? How is it possible ?”
The monk knew that it is not possible for Nagaraj to die. He had given a holy word to Nagaraj and that holy word is bound to reap the fruit.
So, the monk went near the Banyan tree and called –
“Nagaraj! Nagaraj! Where are you ?”
After calling for some time, Nagaraj slowly came out of his hole.
The monk said – “How are you Nagaraj ?”
The King Cobra bowed to the monk and said – “I am well Maharaj”
“But it does not seem so, you look so thin” replied the monk.
“I no longer kill birds, rats, and frogs. I do not harm anyone; only feed on fruits and leaves” said the Cobra.
“But you look so ill! What happened to you Nagaraj ?”
On uttering the holy word, the snake had become so pure that he forgot all the incidences. He forgot how he was tortured by the cowboys.
After repeated attempts, he recalled the incidences & mentioned the same to the monk.
The monk said –
“How foolish you are Nagaraj! I told you not to harm anyone. But did I ever hold you from hissing at anyone? You will have to protect yourself. And for that, you will have to hiss to frighten bad people.
Don’t bite, but hiss to protect yourself”
Nagaraj said –
“Now I understand Maharaj. I will never make this mistake. Certainly, if I hiss at the boys to frighten them, they will definitely run away.”
From that day onwards, while Nararaj continued to repeat the holy words, he also raised his hood & hissed at anyone who tried to harm him.
The short moral story will help kids to understand the bigger picture of life. While not harming anyone in life is important, but hissing at bad people is equally vital.

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The best moral story for Kids [Story of the Wish tree]

Are you looking for the best moral story for kids? Today I present before you the story of “The Wish Tree”

The story is simple & you can narrate to the kids’ anytime. For instance, the story is a short one & you can use it as a bedtime story also.

Scene 1:

A tired villager was walking from one village to another on a hot sunny afternoon. He was very tired. He was sweating due to the heat outside. As a result, he was also very thirsty also.

Scene 2:

After walking for a few more miles, he saw a big banyan tree. He decided to take a rest under the tree. The banyan tree was huge and its leaves & branches created a shade for all to relax.

Scene 3 :

While relaxing under the tree, the man in his sub-conscious started thinking :
“The shade under the tree is so cool & pleasant. What if I had got a bed & a pillow to relax! “
A flash of light emerged & he saw that a beautiful bed emerged out of nowhere.
He was surprised! Yet, he was so happy that he jumped into the bed & started relaxing.

Scene 4 :

Now, another thought came to his mind. He thought
“What if I got some good food to eat. I am so hungry”
Again a flash of light! A plate full of delicious food came in front of him.
He was elated!
He was so hungry that he started eating the food.

Scene 5 :

Now he was a happy & satisfied man. He was relaxing on a comfortable bed. His stomach was also full. Now another thought came to his mind!
What was the thought?
He thought “What if a tiger comes here…..”
Before he could finish his thought, a tiger jumped over him & killed him.
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Moral of the story for kids

So, what is the moral of the story and why is this the best moral story for kids?
In the story, the tree under which he was relaxing was a “Wish Tree”. Whatever thoughts had come to his mind, each & everything got materialized.
The story teaches us that nature outside would fulfill everything we wish. However, we need to take care of our thoughts.
The more positive we think, the more optimistic we are – the better.
In the story, the man got benefitted when he was thinking positively. He got himself into trouble the moment he became pessimistic.
The World outside is a mix of both positive and negative. By reading this story, we should be careful to pick the positive ones only.
Why water a complete field which has your own crops as well as weeds. Water only your crops & not the weeds.
Teach the kids from childhood to focus only on the positive elements of life. Eventually, they would grow up into an individual with a strong character.

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Know your SELF ! – a short story for Kids

Today I will share a short story for Kids which he/she would need in every stage of his/her life. The short story for Kids is about knowing your SELF.
After you read the story, you will also realize that the story is relevant even for the adults.

Here is the short story for kids :

Scene 1: A herd of sheep was grazing in the grassland. From the outskirts of the jungle, a lioness was staring at them. She was watching the herd & thinking about a mouth-watering lunch that day.
Scene 2: In a fraction-of-a-second, the Lioness jumped over the herd of sheep.
Scene 3: The herd of sheep was caught in a moment of surprise. All the sheep fled except one. The sheep which could not flee was pregnant.
Scene 4: To everyone’s surprise, the lioness landed on the ground in front of the pregnant sheep. But the lioness died of a heart attack.
Scene 5: The lioness was pregnant & just before the lioness died, she gave birth to a cub.
The lion cub grew up with great motherly care from the pregnant sheep. The cub was born just in front of the sheep & hence she had a great love for the cub.
He roamed in the grasslands, ate grass & led a life like the other sheep. Everyone including the lion cub himself knew himself to be a lamb.
One day while grazing in the grasslands, he met a Lion. The King of the jungle called him to his den.
The sheep-turned lion went to visit the King of the jungle with immense fear in mind. The king of the jungle told him that he was not a SHEEP but a LION.
Since his childhood, he had been with the lambs, ate grass, & behaved like the lambs & hence did not believe the lion.
The belief that he was a sheep was the only truth in his life. Nothing could shake his belief system.
Until one day the King of the jungle took him in front of a pond to show him his REAL SELF.
In the waterbody, apart from the King of the jungle, he saw another lion – which was none other than himself.
That day, for the first time he saw himself & realized that he too was a lion.
The transformation happened, he roared like a true lion & got liberated from the life of a sheep.

Source : 

This short story for Kids is from the Works of Swami Vivekananda. Knowing the SELF is very important in every aspect of life.

Use of the short story for kids in daily life :

We should never discourage anyone, in fact, tell everyone this story of knowing your SELF. Everyone has potential & courage like a lion. No one should think himself/herself as timid as a sheep.
Encourage kids to know his/her SELF. Every individual goes through a roller-coaster ride in his/her life.
Every time remind this story to your kids, it is a guarantee that a stronger person would immerge in no time.
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Thanks to Kurt Cotoaga , Ulysse pcl, Samuel Scrimshaw


Work-life balance : a short moral story

Work-Life balancea short moral story

A story heard from my father when I started my professional journey. A moral story on Work-life balance
Any transition in life is always challenging. My stepping into the professional world from an MBA college was no different.
Distributor management, sales target pressure, traveling to remote areas, fieldwork…. Immense pressure made me irritated, agitated, excited, nervous & what not…
One day, seeing my condition, my father told me a story on work-life balance. The story is as under :
This is the story of a man who had a happy family comprising of wife & 2 children.
Near his house was a big banyan tree.
Work-Life-balance -a-short-moral-story
His children observed that whenever their father went to the office, he used to bend down under the tree. He waited for some time under the tree & then went to the office.
Again, when he came back from the office. he stood under the tree, waited for some time & then came back home.
After observing for a few days, they inquired –
“Father, what do you do under the Banyan tree ?”
Their father said with a smile –
“When I come home from the office, I hang the garland of office pressure, politics & everything related to the outside world in the tree.
Again, when I go to the office, I stand under the tree & put in the garland of the outside World & go to the office.


My father was working with an international MNC & never did he try to give me any dialogue or theory to solve my problem. But his narration of this short story of 5 minutes changed me forever.
It is always recommended to the parents to give quality time to their kids. A kid is like a seedling, the correct proportion of air, water & sunlight would help him/her grow as a beautiful human being.

Photo credit: Thanks to Fallon Michael
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How to narrate a bedtime story? (Top 10 ways)

How to narrate a bedtime story? Story narration is an art!


  • Go to bed with your kids & create an environment for narrating a bedtime story. Some of the major No-No is:
  • Choose a simple, short  yet interesting story


  •  Avoid telling stories that are frightening & involve violence.
A bedtime story from Kidsplay: Click here
  • It is recommended to tell the name of the story before narrating the bedtime story. This is will the children to recall the story whenever needed
  • Ambiance creation: Explain the characters, the scenes in a way so that the kid can visualize it. To make the story more real-life & dramatic, the characters can be enacted by the parents.  
  • Let the kids ask questions: Having queries on the story & characters would entail engagement from the kid’s point of view. Encourage asking questions!
  • End the story with a moral: Initially, the kids might not be able to connect with the moral. But later when it is made a habit, the learning would certainly connect with the story.
  • Have fun: Just remember, the objective of bedtime storytelling is to have fun! Fun for both the Kid & the parents. Unless it is seen as a fun activity, it will become monotonous. This is not a period in the school, this is one of the primary habit building activity for your kid. This activity would help in the relaxation of both the parties & generate beautiful bondage for the rest of life. Unless the fun element is generated, it won’t continue for long & either party would lose interest in it.

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