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Humorous stories for kids : [The ultimate climax]

Humorous stories for kids : [The ultimate climax]

Life is simple but we make it complex. There are multiple ways to lead a life in a simple way. Humorous stories are one such option.
Humorous stories are liked by people irrespective of age.
Kids enjoy reading humorous stories. Narrating humorous stories to kids is also an art.
The story below is about a King & what happened with him at the fag end of the story.


Once upon a time, there lived a King who was very wise. The people in his Kingdom were also happy with the way they were governed.
The King had a habit of moving around in his kingdom but in disguise. He dressed as a common man & moved around. His sole aim was to see how his people were living. Whether they were facing any issues in day to day life and what was their opinion about the king.
No-one in the kingdom knew about this secret strategy of the King. The King used to take only 1 trusted servant with him.

An Eventful day

Like other days, the King was moving with his trusted servant. Suddenly, an unfamiliar smell attracted his attention. He asked his servant –
” Go and see what’s that wonderful and delicious smell”?
The servant said –
“Ok, Maharaj! I will inquire and get back to you in a moment.”
After 15-20 mins, the servant came back and said –
” Maharaj ! It was the smell of the chaff. The village women in that nearby village are pounding paddy”.
The King was happy to hear that his servant could successfully identify the source.
He has tasted the best delicacies of the World but this smell attracted him like anything.
To the surprise of the servant, the King ordered him to bring the chaff for him. The King said –
“I am very happy with you. Now, go and bring me some chaff. I want to taste.”
“But Maharaj, chaff is fed to domestic animals like cows and pigs”.
said the servant.
“This is my order! Go and bring it for me” – said the King.
The servant followed the orders of the King.
He brought the chaff to the King & the King relished it.
After having the chaff, the King said –
“Listen! You are my trusted servant. Never ever disclose this incident to anyone ever in your life.
If you do disclose it to anyone, you will lose your head”

Days passed by…

Days passed by but the servant found it increasingly difficult to digest this incident. He wanted to share this secret with someone, but he could not. His stomach boated up. He stopped eating & drinking. He tried to make himself engaged in any activity so as to forget the incident but he failed.
We wanted to loudly tell this secret in a place where there is no one present.

The man sets off for a place to share his secret

He traveled near a river with the objective to share this secret. The riverbank was far off from his home. We walked for several hours and finally reached the river bank. Now, he was very happy & thought to himself –
“Thank God! Now I can share my secret with the river & the river will flow away with my secret to far off place without sharing it with anyone”.
Just as he was preparing to share, he saw 5-6 fishermen arrived in the riverbank.
The man got scared & left that riverbank immediately.
Now, he went to a cemetery to share his secret. On arriving at the cemetery, he saw that the gravediggers were present.
So, he canceled his plans at the cemetery and went to a deep foret.
The man enters into a deep forest
It was a deep, dark forest. The man was scared but he was desperate to share the secret. So, he took the risk of entering the forest.
In the forest, he saw a big tree with a big hollow in the trunk.
The man was desperate, he put his head inside the hollow trunk and whispered –
“The king eats chaff! Our King eats chaff!”
Now, he was a relieved man. It seemed like he had shed all burdens of his life. He started leading his life like all normal men.

Festival time

It was festival time at the Kingdom. Kings & renowned men from all the friendly Kingdom were invited.
Meanwhile, all preparations were underway.
The drum of the palace had become old. So, the drummers wanted to replace the old palace drum with a new one.
The King granted the demand & he ordered a new big drum for his Kingdom.

The drummer went to the forest

The drummers went to a deep forest in search of suitable wood for the drum. While looking for the wood, they found that there was a big tree with a hollow in the trunk.
The drummers felled the tree and a big drum was made from that tree.

Installation of the big drum

The new big drum was finally installed in the lion gate of the balance with fanfare.
Meanwhile, the ceremony was conducted with lots of enthusiasm. At the end of the ceremony, the drummers were to beat the drum to mark the conclusion of the ceremony.

The drummer beat the drum

As per norms, the drummers started beating the drum. Instead of the “Boom ! Boom ! ” sound, the drum uttered –
“The King eats chaff! Our King eats our chaff !”
The King got furious. He ordered to immediately throw the drum in the river.
Then the King caught hold of his most trusted servant and said –
“You … I told you not to share the secret with anyone but still you revealed the secret with the drum !”
The servant was trembling with fear. He could visualize his beheaded self in front of him.
He gathered a lot of courage and told the King –
“Pardon me, Maharaj! As promised I did not share the secret with any human being. But, I had shared it with a tree”.
Later on, the investigation revealed that the tree with which he shared the secret was felled and the drum was made from that tree.
The King did not give him any punishment. But, he was no longer allowed to accompany the King.

Humorous story of a tiger

Humorous story of a tiger

Humorous stories are always relaxing. Kids also like and enjoy humorous stories. Narrating moral stories all the time creates boredom amongst the children. While Tiger stands for courage, strength, power, etc, here I present before you a humorous story of a tiger.


There was a small village inhabited by a small number of villagers. The village was surrounded by mountains on all sides.
On the mountain lived a tiger. The tiger was ferocious. The villagers were afraid of the tiger. Whenever the tiger roared, the villagers used to tremble and went back to their homes. It was difficult to keep domestic animals as many fell prey to the tiger.

The Eventful night

It was a winter night. For the last few days, it was snowing. The tiger could not manage any food for the last few days. He was very hungry and ran down the mountain and reached the village in search of some food. He spotted a house and cam near the window of the house. A lamp was flickering inside the house.
Just as the tiger was preparing to enter the house, suddenly a baby began to cry.
The tiger waited for some time but the baby continued to cry loudly.

The tiger decides to enter the house

While the baby continued crying, the tiger got ready to enter the house.
Suddenly heard a voice of a woman say –
“Keep quiet! Keep quiet! There you see a fox coming. It has big teeth”.
Still, the baby continued crying.
Now, the mother said –
“Keep quiet! Keep quiet! There you see a black bear coming. It has its mouth open”.
Still, the baby continued crying.

The flabbergasted tiger

Now the tiger thought –
“What kind of baby is that! He is neither afraid of fox or bear! Let me peep through the window pane once and see this strange baby.”
Just as he got ready to peep, he heard the lady say –
“Look, baby! There comes the ferocious tiger. It is standing under our window”.
But the baby continued crying.
The tiger thought –
“How could that lady know that I was waiting under the window?” the tiger was so shocked hearing this that he collapsed and fainted.
After some time, the tiger got back to his senses. Fearfully, as he tried to peep through the window to see the strange baby, he heard the mother’s voice once again –
“Here you are…dried persimmons !”
To the tiger’s surprise, the baby stopped crying immediately.
There was absolute silence all around. The tiger could hear his own breathing.
The tiger thought –
“What on earth is a persimmon? It must be more dangerous and powerful than me. The baby did not have any effect on hearing the names of fox, bear, or even me. But as the mother uttered the name of persimmon, the cry stopped immediately”.

The Climax

Just as the worried and scared tiger was engrossed in his thoughts, something heavy fell on his back.
Actually, a thief had entered that house to steal a cow. It was a dark night. The thief jumped from the rooftop thinking that he had jumped over a cow. Actually, by mistake, he landed over that confused and scary tiger.
On the other hand, the tiger thought that it was that ferocious, powerful, dangerous animal-Persimmon that had landed on his back.
The scary tiger started running for his life. He ran with tremendous speed desperately trying to throw the persimmon from his back.
The thief held the back of the tiger tightly thinking that if he falls, the tiger would kill him. So, with all his strength, he held the tiger.
While the tiger was running for his life, he crossed a big banyan tree with drooping prop roots.
The thief, with every strength he had in his hands, jumped and caught hold of one of the prop roots. He was relieved as he escaped from the tiger’s back.
The tiger also heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God. –
“Thank you, God, for saving my life from the dangerous creature-Persimmon”

Mini jokes for Kids [2 short jokes]

Mini jokes for Kids

Mini jokes for kids are refreshing to the mind. When everything in life is very serious and mundane. It is time to switch the mode.
Looking out for something which is light, fun-filled, and something that is refreshing?
Then read the 2 jokes below and narrate it to your kids.
Hope you will like it.

Mini joke #1: A Thoughtful boy

Little Tojo studies in class I in a school.
He does not like studying. But, he likes to play 24 x 7. Be it indoors or outdoors, he prefers playing to studying.
He is never tired of playing. But whenever he sits for studying, he feels sleepy.
Days and months went by…..
The examination time came and he appeared in the exams.
Tojo was never worried about giving exams.
But, the declaration of results was something which he liked the least…
One such morning, he went to school and his results came out
He came back home and asked his father –
“Daddy, what will you do if I say that I got 100% in Mathematics ?”
The father thought for a while and said –
“What? a perfect 100% !!! Considering your track record, I will faint hearing such news !”
Little Tojo said –
“Daddy! I love you so much. I did not want to see you get fainted! That is the reason I restrained myself. I decided not to get more than 50% marks”

Mini joke #2: Thank God!

It was a hot summer afternoon. A peasant was driving his donkey amidst the fields. In the scorching heat of the sun, both the peasant and his donkey were tired and thirsty.
They walked several miles and on their way, they saw a big melon farm.
Tired and thirsty, it was no longer possible for the man to proceed further.
So, he decided to sit under the shade of a huge walnut tree.
The walnut tree was big and the man looked refreshed after resting under the tree.
Now, he started enjoying the beautiful views of the spreading vines of the big watermelons.
Then he looked up and saw that some tiny walnuts hanging from the highest branches of the huge tree.
He thought to himself –
“Surprising work of God! Such a big tree but the walnuts are so small in size. On the other hand, such huge watermelons hung from thin and flat vines. Why is it so? Is God’s designing correct ?”
Puzzled and confused, the peasant got lost in his own world of thoughts.
Just then, a walnut fell from the tree and hit his head!
The peasant looked up and saw that the tiny walnut which was hanging from one of the highest branches had fallen and hit his head.
He stretched out his hands high up towards the sky.
He said –
“Oh Almighty God! Pardon me! I did not understand your design of the World around us. It is so clever of you that you did not let the watermelons grow on big trees.
Had you grown those massive watermelons on big trees, I would have been dead by now”

Video of a toy airplane: Click here 
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Funny jokes for kids [2 short stories for your children]

Here I share some funny jokes for kids. Hope your kids will like them and you will have a lovely time narrating the stories to your kids.

Funny jokes for Kids #1: Expansion and contraction


Scene 1:

It is Monday morning at school. The teacher entered the class.
All the students said ” Good morning Madam”
Madam said “Good morning! Today we will study Physics.”

Scene 2 :

The teacher said: “Today’s subject is expansion & contraction.
A substance when heated expands and when cooled, it contracts.”

Scene 3:

“Ravi, stand up. Explain expansion and contraction with example.”


Scene 4:

Ravi stood up and said, ” Madam, I have a practical example. We have long vacations in summer and short ones in winter”.

Funny jokes for Kids #2: Who was cleverer?

Tom & Harry were 2 good friends. One day Tom’s mother gave him Rs 50 as pocket money.
Tom thought for a while about where to keep the money so that it is safe.
After thinking for a long time, he decided it wise to bury the Rs 50 note under the ground.
Immediately he executed his idea. Now, to recognize the exact spot, he put up a notice board saying ” Rs 50 is not buried here”
Tom was happy with his execution and went away.
After some time, Harry was going through the same place and saw the notice board where it was written
” Rs 50 is not buried here”
He dug up the ground and found the Rs 50 note. He was very happy to take the money.
But then he thought – “I should do something so that no one suspects me”
So, in the same notice board, he scratched what Tom had written and wrote on his own – “Harry has not taken the money”
2 days later Tom decided to go to the same place to check whether his Rs 50 note was safe.
He dug up the ground and saw that his money was not there.
He was very unhappy and took the notice board to the nearest police station.
Tom informed the policeman about the incident & showed him the notice board.
The policeman saw the notice board where it was written: “Harry has not taken the money” and called upon Harry.
He told Harry to return the Rs 50 note to Tom and said –
“How funny! I am unable to understand who between you two is cleverer?”


Photo credit:
Thanks to Markus Spiske
Thanks to Ben White

Humorous story for Children : A man in a foolish world

A good humorous story helps to develop the wit element in the kids. In the same way, moral stories help in better character development. Your kid will enjoy hearing the humorous story below and have fun:


A man lived with his wife in a village in India. They lived in a hut and did not have any problems in life except one…
The only problem that the man had was that his wife was very foolish.
The man tried to train his wife but she was so foolish that all the attempts of the man failed.
One day, the man became so frustrated that he called his wife and said…
“Listen! I am frustrated with your foolish activities over the years! cannot stay anymore with you. I am going away from home today”
The wife cried and pleaded to her husband and said…
“Please husband, please do not do such injustice with me! I am a good human being. Only because I am foolish, please do not leave me alone and go away”
The husband thought to himself and said …
“Yes, what you are saying is correct. You are a good human being. But the foolish mistakes and blunders you do cannot be tolerated.”
But the wife kept crying…
Then the husband said “Ok, let me go now. I will be roaming around in different countries. If I get to see anyone who is more foolish than you are, I will return back home”
Saying this, he left for his journey…

The humorous story at Ajobdanga

After walking for several days, he went to a place called “Ajobdanga”.
While walking through the village roads, he heard some people screaming at the top of their voice
” Help! Help us! “
He ran near a Banyan tree & saw 4 men sitting on the ground side by side.
Their legs were stretched at 90 degrees. So, all the 4 pairs of legs were arranged one after the other.
The man inquired – “What happened? Why are you all shouting for help?”
The 4 men screamed – ” We have lost our legs, Sir! Please help find our legs”
The man could not believe his ears and said – “What are you saying? How can you lose your legs? I can clearly see your legs”
The 4 men replied, “Sir, if you can see our legs, please help us find our legs !”
The man still took some time to believe that those men could not separate out their legs.
While he took some time, the 4 men said – “You will be awarded if you can identify each of our legs.”

The solution …

Then the man said – “Can I get a stick somewhere ?”
The 4 men replied – “There! behind the banyan tree is a big-fat-stick!”
The man took the stick …. and hit it hard, very hard on the knees of each one.
All the 4 men screamed & shouted in pain! Then they jumped high up on the air out of excitement!
All 4 of them thanked the man for helping them find out their legs & honored him with lots of treasures.
The man was very happy to get those treasures as a gift. Then he thought to himself
“How foolish these men are! Now I feel that they are more foolish than my wife”
He again started his voyage for a new destination.

The humorous story at Bokadanga


A morning at a Tea shop :

One day, he was having a cup of tea at a tea shop in a village called “Bokadanga”.
There he saw many men & women running in a particular direction.
He asked the people at the tea shop – ” What happened? Why are the people running towards that hut ?”
The people at the tea shop said – “The family which stays in that hut are facing a peculiar problem. Their daughter has got married yesterday and after that, the problem has arisen”
The man inquired – “What is the problem?”
The people said – “We cannot explain to you from here. It is very difficult and the biggest issue in our village. You need to visit that place to understand”
So, the man decided to visit that hut, which was the focal point of the biggest issue of the village.

What is the issue?

On approaching the hut, he asked the people standing outside the hut – “What is the problem? Why is everyone looking so tensed and serious”
The people advised him to ask the owner of the hut for the details.
On inquiring the owner, the owner said –
“My daughter got married yesterday! Her husband is 6 feet tall but the door of our hut is only 5 feet in height. “
The man said – “So, where is the problem?”
The owner of the hut said –
“The problem is, we are unable to understand, how will my daughter’s husband enter the hut!
Some people are telling us that we should cut his legs so that he can enter the hut.
Some other people are advising us to cut the head of my daughter’s husband so that he can enter the hut.
We are unable to decide, what should we do !”
The man could not believe that someone could ever think of such a solution. He felt as if his belly would burst with laughter.
Then he said – ” I can tell you about an easy solution”.

The solution…

The daughter’s father said – ” Sir! Is it? If we are able to execute your idea without any problems, we will honor you with lots of treasures. Please tell us about the solution !”
The man said – “Tell your daughter’s husband to bend his head and enter the hut.”
Then he told the daughter’s husband “Bend down your head like this & enter the hut !”
Everyone present was surprised to see as the daughter’s husband as eased his way inside the hut.
Everyone present started clapping their hands in joy.
The man was presented with huge treasures & was honored.
Now the man thought to himself – ” I got angry with my wife. But now it seems that there are a lot more people in this world who are more foolish than my wife. As promised, let me return back home with all the treasures that I received in my journey”
A humorous story helps you relax and at the same time spend quality time with your kids.
To read a wonderful Kidsplay moral story: Frog in a Well


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