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Pandemic problems & solutions for Kids

Pandemic problems & solutions for Kids

In pandemic times, it is difficult to engage children in some kind of activity. Since the children are always confined at home, they become irritated.
As a parent, you need to devise innovative strategies to engage your Kid in pandemic times.

Earlier days

During our childhood days or times before, we had limited scopes for entertainment.
  • Watching Television –
Watching TV on Sundays for the Kids program used to be one of the major sources of entertainment. There was no mobile & hence no internet-related entertainment possible.
  • Indoor games –
The indoor games would include Ludo, Caroom, Book cricket, Book Football, Table cricket, Chinese checker, etc.
The outdoor games would constitute the lion’s share of the entertainment.
Absenteeism in School or tuition was normal. But missing out one day on the playground was next to impossible.
One more piece of entertainment I remember during our childhood days was Big Fun Chewing Gum.

Big Fun –

Big Fun was a pink colored rectangular shaped chewing gum. On opening the wrapper of the chewing gum, there used to be a small piece of paper containing the stats of the top cricketers. It used to be a big hit.
USP: The major driver for purchasing the chewing gum was the photo of the cricketer & stats enriched paper.
Big Fun was a big hit in the ’80s and ’90s. As far as I could recall, the taste of the chewing gum was very sweet and it was hard. The interesting part was, you could make a bubble after chewing the gum.
The 80s and 90s kids did not know what chewing gum is till Big Fun came into the picture. The kids knew about chocolate and toffee, but chewing gum was something new.
Perhaps Big Fun was launched during the 1987 cricket World Cup.
During the 1990 World Cup came another major entertainment hit – The World Cup Bubble Gum.

World Cup Bubble Gum

It was Italia 90 and a new excitement for the Kids came into existence. I do not recall the color and taste of the chewing gum.
USP: The major pull factor for World Cup Bubble gum was the freebie card. Along with the Bubble gum came a card containing the photographs of the top footballers of the World.
Kids used to exchange the cards depending on the demand of the footballers. The footballers with the highest demand were :
Maradona, Klinesman, Caniggia , Lothar Matthaus, Careca, Goycochea etc
Sharing some photographs of the World Cup bubble gum.

Pre-Covid times

Pre-covid times, indoor games did not play that important a role in the daily schedule of the kids.
Playing football, cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming covered the major hours of entertainment.
After spending time outdoors, only a small bit of time used to be spent on indoor games.

Covid times [Pandemic problems & solutions for Kids]

The kids are confined to their homes since the outbreak of covid-19. They are having online classes. So, the kids are missing the enjoyment of going to school. They even cannot go to the playground and play with their friends. Swimming or any other training sessions are also barred on account of safety.
So, indoor games, story-telling, drawing, music, etc are playing major roles in the daily schedule of the kids.
I am one of those parents who is going through these tough & challenging times due to the Pandemic.
As an innovative solution, I made my kid make a calendar for the year 2021.
Sharing the calendar for your ready reference. 
Hope you like the solution for Kids during the Pandemic.
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 Kelly Sikkema for the photograph

How to spend time with kids during covid [Top 10 Tips]

How to spend time with kids during covid [Top 10 Tips]

Covid 19 has changed the way we lived. Kids are stuck at home. Parents are busy with their Work-from-home with indefinite working hours. Kids are having on-line classes. The classes are more of a stress than learning, as opined by many. No way to avoid stress by opting for a vacation also.
But how to deal with the challenging situation?
There is no point in complaining about the situation. Because complaining will not help us deal with the situation. In fact, complaining will increase the irritation & thereby stress within us.
10 Tips which you can try out :
  1. Spend some quality time with Kids
  2. Be empathetic
  3. Practice concentration
  4. Inculcate personal hygiene habits
  5. Cultivate the talent in Kids
  6. Play indoor games with Kids
  7. Exercise & play outdoor games
  8. Spend less time on TV/mobile
  9. Let the kids play with toys
  10. Read & narrate good stories


 1. Spend some quality time with Kids

While it is a fact that the parents spend the entire day either in completing office formalities or on household chores. But taking out 1 hour or 2 hours time might not be impossible. By time, I mean, quality time. During that period, only the kid and the parent will spend time. No TV or mobile will come in between. The following time schedules can be tried and tested :
(a) Bedtime
(b) Lunchtime/Dinnertime
(c) Evening time
(d) If the daily time schedule is difficult, take out 3 days a week when you can spend quality time with your kid

2. Be empathetic

We are grown-up adults. What may seem very easy for us, maybe difficult for Kids. We may see the issues through the following angles :
  1. We, adults, have gone through the learning curve for 35 yrs or 40 yrs and then the things look simple to us. But it was not that simple even to us on day 1. So, let us be on their shoes…
  2. At the age of 30yrs or 35 yrs or 40 yrs+, suppose a parent is being told to take up a new assignment in the office or at home. An assignment that has never been done before. Now think, will that be very easy? Will that be very convenient?
Now think about your Kids. They are being introduced to a New World. A new world of numbers, words, sentences…
Be empathetic towards them…

3. Practice concentration

The term “Concentration” is an easy term to say, but difficult to execute.
We, parents, are habituated to telling our kids to concentrate. But, in the name of multi-tasking, we switch on the TV, browse our mobiles, open the laptop, and do what not.
So, in the process, what do we demonstrate?
Do we practice “concentration” or “distraction” ?
Kids growing up seeing their parents’ practice distraction can never execute concentration.
Here, would like to share a quote from Swami Vivekananda :
“This is the difference between man and the animals — the man has the greater power of Concentration. The difference in their power of Concentration also constitutes the difference between man and man. Compare the lowest with the highest man. The difference is in the degree of Concentration.”
Then how to practice concentration? Here are a few suggestions :
  • As parents, we should first display concentration. Example: No multi-tasking. We may do gardening, read storybooks, etc but one at a time. That would send the message to the Kids everything about concentration.
  • There are several exercises which help increase concentration
  • There are several indoor games which help in increasing concentration
  • Any activity in general like drawing, playing games, reading stories increase concentration

Click to see a wonderful video

4. Inculcate personal hygiene habits

This is the best time to inculcate good personal hygiene in your kids. Covid 19 has made everyone sensitive to personal hygiene. You may spend time with your kids and nurture the below-mentioned habits :
  • Brush teeth after every meal
  • Bath with soap & apply shampoo every day or  alternate day
  • Cover face while sneezing
  • Wash hands, feet, and face with soap after coming back home from outside.
  • Wear clean clothes, shoes, and socks

5. Cultivate the talent in Kids

Every Kid is a gift from God & everyone is blessed with some unique qualities.
The parents need to observe and see on which activities the Kid is passionate about.
Your Kids may have talent in drawing whereas his friends may have an interest in recitation or singing.
The biggest mistake that the parents do here is, they compare amongst kids.
If Kid A is good at singing, why not my Kid?
Now, Kid A’s parents may be thinking, if Kid B is good at drawing, why not my kid?
We fail to understand that, this is not a field to compare. Rather, the parents should identify the talent field. Then try to further create interest in that field so that the Kids get the impetus to develop further.
Covid 19 has done severe damage to the economy. But, at the same time, it has given an opportunity to stay back home with the kids. Now, the parents have more time to observe the kids and make small modifications in lifestyle.
You never know, these small modifications might make an immense impact in the future.

6.Play indoor games with Kids

How to spend time with kids during covid and make the most of it?
The obvious answer would be to play indoor games. Yes, opting for indoor games is :
  • simple
  • very interesting
  • Time effective
  • Helps develop concentration too
Some simple indoor games include ludo, chess, carrom, Chinese checker, Brainvita, etc

7. Exercise & play outdoor games

Early morning freehand simple exercises are good for the kids as well as their parents.
If getting up early in the morning is an issue, 30 mins freehand exercise is equally good.
It helps rejuvenate both the body and mind.
If space permits, try playing cricket or football in a controlled manner at home. It really excites the kids.
Hitting a ball for a six!
Or pushing the ball in the goal!
Kids will be engaged 100% & the energy will get channelized in a positive direction.
Try this out as an activity to spend time with your kids during covid and share your comments in the comment box below.

8. Spend less time on TV/mobile

Kids spend a good part of the entire day in front of mobiles or computers. This is the NEW NORMAL. Since this is a mandate, hence this cannot be changed.
What is recommended is, the kids should not spend more extra hours in front of mobiles, computers, and TV.
Spending too much time in front of electronic gadgets leads to :
  • Eye problems
  • Sleeplessness
  • Distracted mind and many other issues
Hence, it is recommended to spend lesser time on electronic gadgets. You may read in more details here 

9. Let the kids play with toys

Let the kids enjoy their own company sometimes. Playing with their own toys and being in their own imaginary World could be wonderful.
Kids enjoy making an imaginary world of their own and play with their toys. Be it a boy or a girl, both enjoy playing with their toys in their own world.
This is a great talent and should be encouraged.
The toys may range from remote control toy cars to dolls. From brainvita to ludo. From pull back toy bus to board games like magnetic puzzles.
Encourage the kids to play, let them enjoy playing with toys, and enjoy the company of the best person – their own self.

Read & narrate good stories

Did you make a plan to spend time productively with your kids during Covid ?
If the reply is no, would suggest you the best one !
Read short stories, moral stories and narrate them to your kids.
In this blog, I have shared several stories suited to different age groups.
Some stories are short, some humorous. Most of the stories having a moral.
Do spend some time going through the blod and do share your valuable comments

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Time travel to 2040 in a time machine: A short imaginary story 

Sitting in 2020, we will time travel to 2040 in a time machine & narrate a short imaginary story on how lifestyle may change in the next 20 years
We all know that Covid-19 has hit us irrespective of country, religion, caste & creed.
Millions killed, Billions affected…
Unemployment has hit an all-time high, people compromising to feed their families…


As per mythology & Darwin’s theory of evolution, if you have to survive, you will have to change yourself.
In other words, evolution is the only permanent….
Remember the avatars in Hindu scriptures!
Matsya(aqua),Kurma (land+water)…Rama(territorial enemy),Krishna (enemy within family) & finally….
Kalki-the fight with SELF!
The more we understand SELF& apply in unison with nature, the more chances to survive in this battle!

Now let us time travel to 2040: a short imaginary story

Early morning diet :

Families opt for natural immunity boosters. For example, Tulsi leaves with honey, Haldi, etc

Early morning exercise :

Adults & children leave bed & go to the park to do freehand exercise & yoga. The main idea is to keep the body fit.
They come back home & wash their face, hands & feet thoroughly with soap & water. Then they dry their hands in hand-drier & enter the bedroom.
Therefore, it can be inferred that body fitness & cleanliness has gained priority.


Office timings have changed. The new scheduling for instance is as under  :
  • Alternate days a week
  • Day shifts & Night shifts
There is no hierarchy, all offices have a flat structure. Everyone in the organization has a specific role to perform for his job.
This has led to a reduction of office politics & thus stress. All negativities resulting from the same have also reduced.
People are now more fit. Seldom they have illnesses like BP or sugar resulting due to office-related tensions.
They can invest more time for family & lead a more productive day. Hobbies for instance photography, music, literature, etc have got precedence.
Kids spend more productive time with their parents. The narration of short stories has become a new habit for kids.
Therefore the Happiness Index has increased multi-fold.

Earning has reduced. Earlier, with more resources readily available, wastage was also commensurate. With the economic crisis creeping in, people have shifted the focus. The focus has shifted from LUXURIES to BASIC NEEDS

School :
Schools are also spread over the entire day; for instance from 7 am to 9 pm. Junior classes happen in the morning shift & senior classes in the evening.
Students can opt for Class-from-home when they are unwell.
Physical education is a mandatory period for all classes.
Students with good prospects are sent to the best sports institutions spread across the World.

With pollution @ pre-1980s level, the following changes have happened for instance :

  • Spotting planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in the naked eye is no surprise.
  • Spotting rare birds, animals & aqua creatures is no rarer
Children have automatically gained interest in astronomy & wildlife.
There is lesser competition for traditional modes of education.
Now, passion has become a major driver for careers.
So what has changed in 20 years’ time in our short imaginary story? 
People have worked in unison with nature.
Simplicity has taken over complexity. Health has gained priority. Passion has driven careers.

What has been the result?

India has moved from 144th rank in Happiness Index to Top 3 on the list.

Photo credit: Thanks to ruddy.media


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