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Bedtime Funny story for kids

Bedtime Funny story for kids

Relax! Before going to bed, relax by telling a bedtime funny story to your Kid.
The entire day, we all are stressed to the brim on account of pressure from different levels. But, we are also gifted with the best gift of God-our kids.
So, before going to bed is the best time to have fun with your kids. And what better than telling them a bedtime funny story.
The story is about a lazy boy – Chiku. He was about 9 years old.
It was a cloudy morning. Little Chiku was lying under a tamarind tree with a hat over his face. Suddenly, he heard his mother calling him –
“Chiku ! where are you? You lazy boy! Again you are sleeping? While your father works so hard in the fields…and you lazy boy…What will I do with you ?”
Chiku rubbed his eyes. He is quite used to these dialogues the whole day. He stretched his arms, yawned, and decided to meet his mother.
“Mother, what happened?” exclaimed Chiku
Mother replied – “Here I give you Rs 100. Go to the market immediately and bring a packet of salt and 5 live crabs.”
As a note of caution, she said –
“Do not play on the way back home. I need to cook and hence come back at the earliest”
Chiku took the money and started his journey for the market place.

Chiku reaches the market



 On reaching the market, Chiku observed that an old lady was selling live crabs. He took a stick and started poking the crabs.
The old lady was startled! She shouted –
“What happened boy? What are you doing with my crabs ?”
“My mother has instructed me to bring live crabs. So, I was checking whether your crabs are live or not” said Chiku.
“Now that I am convinced that these crabs are live, give me 5 crabs,” said Chiku
The old lady tied the 5 crabs and handed over to Chiku. Now he went to another shop for purchasing salt.
He told the shopkeeper –
“If the salt in your shop is salty, give me a small bag of salt”
Then he purchased a packet of salt and started his journey back home. Now, he has with him, 5 live crabs and a small bag of loose salt.

On his way back home

Whistling back home, he ran through the fields & passed through the river banks. Suddenly, he heard someone calling him.
“Hello, Chiku! Where are you going? Come …play with us”
Pointing at the crabs and salt Chiku said –
“No, I need to go back home. My mother is waiting. After I get back home, she will cook.”
“But today is such a nice day Chiku. It is cloudy, let’s play….come on” said his friends.
Now Chiku could not resist himself anymore.
Ok friends. I have a plan in mind.
Untying the crabs he said to them –
“Listen crabs! mother is waiting for you in the kitchen. So walk through the road and go home. I will help you with the direction.
  • Go straight from here
  • Turn left
  • walk straight for 5 minutes and you see a tamarind tree
  • now turn right—> walk for 2 mins and you arrive at our kitchen.
Go! Go! immediately..mother is waiting”
Now what to do with the bag of salt?
Again he applied his mind. He put the bag of salt in the river where the water level was very shallow.
He thought to himself –
” This is a safe place and nobody will be able to spot the salt in this location”
So, he played with his heart out with his friends. When the sun was beginning to set, he remembered to go back home.

Chiku returns home

Chiku’s mother was waiting under the tamarind tree.
She shouted – “You lazy boy! Where is the salt ?”
Chiku said – “Somebody stole it “
His mother said – “Stole salt? Are you trying to fool me ?”
“No mother. I am telling the truth. I had kept it in a safe place”
“Where did you keep it ?”
“I kept it under the river where the water level was shallow so that nobody can trace it. But now, I went to that place and noticed that the cloth bag is there but there is no salt inside” replied Chiku.
Chiku’s mother hit her head against the tree trunk. And then she asked, “And what about the crabs ?”
“Did they not come home? All the 5 crabs were alive mother and so they could walk. I instructed them to come home and report you. I clearly explained them with the direction. It is very surprising that they did not listen to my instructions.” exclaimed Chiku
Chiku’s mother shook with anger. She started hitting her head against the tamarind tree trunk and could not utter any word out of anger. She went back home and slammed the door loudly behind her.
Chiku kept standing and thinking –
“I wonder what went wrong? I do not see any gaps at my end, still, my mother is so angry”

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Mini jokes for Kids [2 short jokes]

Mini jokes for Kids

Mini jokes for kids are refreshing to the mind. When everything in life is very serious and mundane. It is time to switch the mode.
Looking out for something which is light, fun-filled, and something that is refreshing?
Then read the 2 jokes below and narrate it to your kids.
Hope you will like it.

Mini joke #1: A Thoughtful boy

Little Tojo studies in class I in a school.
He does not like studying. But, he likes to play 24 x 7. Be it indoors or outdoors, he prefers playing to studying.
He is never tired of playing. But whenever he sits for studying, he feels sleepy.
Days and months went by…..
The examination time came and he appeared in the exams.
Tojo was never worried about giving exams.
But, the declaration of results was something which he liked the least…
One such morning, he went to school and his results came out
He came back home and asked his father –
“Daddy, what will you do if I say that I got 100% in Mathematics ?”
The father thought for a while and said –
“What? a perfect 100% !!! Considering your track record, I will faint hearing such news !”
Little Tojo said –
“Daddy! I love you so much. I did not want to see you get fainted! That is the reason I restrained myself. I decided not to get more than 50% marks”

Mini joke #2: Thank God!

It was a hot summer afternoon. A peasant was driving his donkey amidst the fields. In the scorching heat of the sun, both the peasant and his donkey were tired and thirsty.
They walked several miles and on their way, they saw a big melon farm.
Tired and thirsty, it was no longer possible for the man to proceed further.
So, he decided to sit under the shade of a huge walnut tree.
The walnut tree was big and the man looked refreshed after resting under the tree.
Now, he started enjoying the beautiful views of the spreading vines of the big watermelons.
Then he looked up and saw that some tiny walnuts hanging from the highest branches of the huge tree.
He thought to himself –
“Surprising work of God! Such a big tree but the walnuts are so small in size. On the other hand, such huge watermelons hung from thin and flat vines. Why is it so? Is God’s designing correct ?”
Puzzled and confused, the peasant got lost in his own world of thoughts.
Just then, a walnut fell from the tree and hit his head!
The peasant looked up and saw that the tiny walnut which was hanging from one of the highest branches had fallen and hit his head.
He stretched out his hands high up towards the sky.
He said –
“Oh Almighty God! Pardon me! I did not understand your design of the World around us. It is so clever of you that you did not let the watermelons grow on big trees.
Had you grown those massive watermelons on big trees, I would have been dead by now”

Video of a toy airplane: Click here 
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How to spend time with kids during covid [Top 10 Tips]

How to spend time with kids during covid [Top 10 Tips]

Covid 19 has changed the way we lived. Kids are stuck at home. Parents are busy with their Work-from-home with indefinite working hours. Kids are having on-line classes. The classes are more of a stress than learning, as opined by many. No way to avoid stress by opting for a vacation also.
But how to deal with the challenging situation?
There is no point in complaining about the situation. Because complaining will not help us deal with the situation. In fact, complaining will increase the irritation & thereby stress within us.
10 Tips which you can try out :
  1. Spend some quality time with Kids
  2. Be empathetic
  3. Practice concentration
  4. Inculcate personal hygiene habits
  5. Cultivate the talent in Kids
  6. Play indoor games with Kids
  7. Exercise & play outdoor games
  8. Spend less time on TV/mobile
  9. Let the kids play with toys
  10. Read & narrate good stories


 1. Spend some quality time with Kids

While it is a fact that the parents spend the entire day either in completing office formalities or on household chores. But taking out 1 hour or 2 hours time might not be impossible. By time, I mean, quality time. During that period, only the kid and the parent will spend time. No TV or mobile will come in between. The following time schedules can be tried and tested :
(a) Bedtime
(b) Lunchtime/Dinnertime
(c) Evening time
(d) If the daily time schedule is difficult, take out 3 days a week when you can spend quality time with your kid

2. Be empathetic

We are grown-up adults. What may seem very easy for us, maybe difficult for Kids. We may see the issues through the following angles :
  1. We, adults, have gone through the learning curve for 35 yrs or 40 yrs and then the things look simple to us. But it was not that simple even to us on day 1. So, let us be on their shoes…
  2. At the age of 30yrs or 35 yrs or 40 yrs+, suppose a parent is being told to take up a new assignment in the office or at home. An assignment that has never been done before. Now think, will that be very easy? Will that be very convenient?
Now think about your Kids. They are being introduced to a New World. A new world of numbers, words, sentences…
Be empathetic towards them…

3. Practice concentration

The term “Concentration” is an easy term to say, but difficult to execute.
We, parents, are habituated to telling our kids to concentrate. But, in the name of multi-tasking, we switch on the TV, browse our mobiles, open the laptop, and do what not.
So, in the process, what do we demonstrate?
Do we practice “concentration” or “distraction” ?
Kids growing up seeing their parents’ practice distraction can never execute concentration.
Here, would like to share a quote from Swami Vivekananda :
“This is the difference between man and the animals — the man has the greater power of Concentration. The difference in their power of Concentration also constitutes the difference between man and man. Compare the lowest with the highest man. The difference is in the degree of Concentration.”
Then how to practice concentration? Here are a few suggestions :
  • As parents, we should first display concentration. Example: No multi-tasking. We may do gardening, read storybooks, etc but one at a time. That would send the message to the Kids everything about concentration.
  • There are several exercises which help increase concentration
  • There are several indoor games which help in increasing concentration
  • Any activity in general like drawing, playing games, reading stories increase concentration

Click to see a wonderful video

4. Inculcate personal hygiene habits

This is the best time to inculcate good personal hygiene in your kids. Covid 19 has made everyone sensitive to personal hygiene. You may spend time with your kids and nurture the below-mentioned habits :
  • Brush teeth after every meal
  • Bath with soap & apply shampoo every day or  alternate day
  • Cover face while sneezing
  • Wash hands, feet, and face with soap after coming back home from outside.
  • Wear clean clothes, shoes, and socks

5. Cultivate the talent in Kids

Every Kid is a gift from God & everyone is blessed with some unique qualities.
The parents need to observe and see on which activities the Kid is passionate about.
Your Kids may have talent in drawing whereas his friends may have an interest in recitation or singing.
The biggest mistake that the parents do here is, they compare amongst kids.
If Kid A is good at singing, why not my Kid?
Now, Kid A’s parents may be thinking, if Kid B is good at drawing, why not my kid?
We fail to understand that, this is not a field to compare. Rather, the parents should identify the talent field. Then try to further create interest in that field so that the Kids get the impetus to develop further.
Covid 19 has done severe damage to the economy. But, at the same time, it has given an opportunity to stay back home with the kids. Now, the parents have more time to observe the kids and make small modifications in lifestyle.
You never know, these small modifications might make an immense impact in the future.

6.Play indoor games with Kids

How to spend time with kids during covid and make the most of it?
The obvious answer would be to play indoor games. Yes, opting for indoor games is :
  • simple
  • very interesting
  • Time effective
  • Helps develop concentration too
Some simple indoor games include ludo, chess, carrom, Chinese checker, Brainvita, etc

7. Exercise & play outdoor games

Early morning freehand simple exercises are good for the kids as well as their parents.
If getting up early in the morning is an issue, 30 mins freehand exercise is equally good.
It helps rejuvenate both the body and mind.
If space permits, try playing cricket or football in a controlled manner at home. It really excites the kids.
Hitting a ball for a six!
Or pushing the ball in the goal!
Kids will be engaged 100% & the energy will get channelized in a positive direction.
Try this out as an activity to spend time with your kids during covid and share your comments in the comment box below.

8. Spend less time on TV/mobile

Kids spend a good part of the entire day in front of mobiles or computers. This is the NEW NORMAL. Since this is a mandate, hence this cannot be changed.
What is recommended is, the kids should not spend more extra hours in front of mobiles, computers, and TV.
Spending too much time in front of electronic gadgets leads to :
  • Eye problems
  • Sleeplessness
  • Distracted mind and many other issues
Hence, it is recommended to spend lesser time on electronic gadgets. You may read in more details here 

9. Let the kids play with toys

Let the kids enjoy their own company sometimes. Playing with their own toys and being in their own imaginary World could be wonderful.
Kids enjoy making an imaginary world of their own and play with their toys. Be it a boy or a girl, both enjoy playing with their toys in their own world.
This is a great talent and should be encouraged.
The toys may range from remote control toy cars to dolls. From brainvita to ludo. From pull back toy bus to board games like magnetic puzzles.
Encourage the kids to play, let them enjoy playing with toys, and enjoy the company of the best person – their own self.

Read & narrate good stories

Did you make a plan to spend time productively with your kids during Covid ?
If the reply is no, would suggest you the best one !
Read short stories, moral stories and narrate them to your kids.
In this blog, I have shared several stories suited to different age groups.
Some stories are short, some humorous. Most of the stories having a moral.
Do spend some time going through the blod and do share your valuable comments

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A brilliant moral story [The Cobra & Sanyasi]

Reading and narrating short moral stories to kids is fun. In the process of reading & narrating, adults also get an opportunity to visit their childhood. Today’s short moral story is about a snake, a King Cobra & a Sanyasi (monk). Hope it will be a nice read. This short moral story is a famous story from “Tales of Sri Ramakrishna”.

The dangerous King Cobra

Once upon a time, there was a snake, a King Cobra who lived in a hole under a Banyan tree.
All people in the village were afraid of the Cobra. Many villagers fell victim to him. He was dangerous & used to bite anyone who passed by the tree where he lived.
The cowboys used to go to the field with their cows through the field where stood that banyan tree.
The cowboys were always scared incase the King Cobra attacked them.
While returning back home in the evening, they hurried back. They were always careful to keep themselves out of the Cobra’s way.

The monk (Sanyasi) arrives

One evening, when the sun was setting from the west, a monk, wearing saffron clothes arrived in the village.
The cowboys at that time were returning back home with their cows. They saw the monk going to the temple.
The next morning, when the cowboys were taking their cows to the field, the monk came along and walked with them.
The cowboys greeted the monk – “Namaskar”
The monk returned their greetings & walked alongside the boys.
When they reached the corner of the field where the Cobra stayed, the monk asked –
“Boys! I need a peaceful place to sit and meditate. I am going & sitting under that Banyan tree.”
The boys got terrified and told the monk –
“Maharaj! please do not go there. A very dangerous King Cobra stays under that tree !”
The monk smiled and said – “Let him stay..I will not disturb him”
The boys were even more alarmed. They said –
“No! the snake is dangerous. He bites and many of our villagers have died because of his bites”
The monk smiled & with a peaceful tone said – “He will not do me any harm”
The boys said – “How do you know? He is always angry! Please don’t go”
The monk said – “I know some mantras. Once I say those mantras, the snake on hearing the mantras will become quiet and gentle. Don’t worry !”
Saying this the monk went for the tree & the cowboys took their cows for grazing in the field.

The monk meets the King Cobra

The monk went & sat under the Banyan tree. The moment he was getting ready to start meditation, the King Cobra came out of the hole hissing….
The King Cobra was furious to see the monk sit under the tree. He raised his hood & started hissing. He was ready to bite the monk.
The monk stood still. His face was calm & had a peaceful smile on his lips.
As the snake came near the monk to bit him….
The monk recited a mantra.
Immediately, the King Cobra lowered his head, feel on the ground & laid there as an earthworm.
The monk said – “I will sit under this tree and meditate. Do not disturb me.”
The King Cobra said – “Very Well Maharaj! I will not disturb you.”
The monk started chanting hymns and mantras. He was reciting mantra after mantra in a rich musical tone.
Hours went by and when the monk opened his eyes, he was surprised…

The transformation in the King Cobra

The monk opened his eyes & with great surprise, he observed that the snake was still lying on the ground in front of him.
The monk asked – “What happened? Did you not go to your hole ?”
“No Maharaj !” replied the snake
The monk said – ” The young boys here were saying that your bite very poisonous. When you bite, people die. Don’t you know that ?”
The snake said “Yes, I know they die”
The monk said – “Then don’t you think that it is unfair…”
King Cobra replied – “I try to get rid off my bad temper but somehow I cannot control it….”
The monk said – “If someone wishes something from heart, he will definitely get it. It seems you do not try hard to achieve your goal”
King Cobra said -“I want to be good. Maharaj, teach me how to be good. I promise I will work hard to achieve it…”
The monk said ” I will tell you a holy word. Keep repeating the holy word over & over again. Do it every day and you will learn to love and be good. From today, I give you a name “Nagaraj”
The next day, the monk left that place for another unknown destination. Before leaving he told the snake –
“Nagaraj! do not forget the holy word. Keep repeating the word every day and do not harm anyone. I am leaving today but will see you after one year”
While leaving the village, the monk met the cowboys on the way. They could not believe their eyes.
The monk said – “Don’t worry! the snake will never bite anyone in the future. “
The boys did not believe in the beginning. As days went by, the villagers observed the King Cobra has transformed. He no longer bit anyone.

The fear about King Cobra gone

As days went by, slowly the fear about the King Cobra also faded away.
As the cowboys went to the field with their cows for grazing, they used to throw stones at the snake.
The cobra no longer took offense. Even when the stones hit him, he ignored and kept muttering something.
After a few days, the boys & villagers became more aggressive. They hit the stones in such a way that it hit his head & back and made him bleed.
One day, the boys hit him on his head in such a way that he started bleeding profusely. Then the boys took him by his tail, swung him round and round over the head & threw him in the bushes.
The boys were excited about the achievement. They laughed & cheered each other thinking that the cobra was dead.

The monk returns

After a year, the monk returned to the village. He again met the cowboys while walking through the muddy lanes.
The boys greeted the monk & informed him that the Cobra is dead!
“Nagaraj is dead? How is it possible ?”
The monk knew that it is not possible for Nagaraj to die. He had given a holy word to Nagaraj and that holy word is bound to reap the fruit.
So, the monk went near the Banyan tree and called –
“Nagaraj! Nagaraj! Where are you ?”
After calling for some time, Nagaraj slowly came out of his hole.
The monk said – “How are you Nagaraj ?”
The King Cobra bowed to the monk and said – “I am well Maharaj”
“But it does not seem so, you look so thin” replied the monk.
“I no longer kill birds, rats, and frogs. I do not harm anyone; only feed on fruits and leaves” said the Cobra.
“But you look so ill! What happened to you Nagaraj ?”
On uttering the holy word, the snake had become so pure that he forgot all the incidences. He forgot how he was tortured by the cowboys.
After repeated attempts, he recalled the incidences & mentioned the same to the monk.
The monk said –
“How foolish you are Nagaraj! I told you not to harm anyone. But did I ever hold you from hissing at anyone? You will have to protect yourself. And for that, you will have to hiss to frighten bad people.
Don’t bite, but hiss to protect yourself”
Nagaraj said –
“Now I understand Maharaj. I will never make this mistake. Certainly, if I hiss at the boys to frighten them, they will definitely run away.”
From that day onwards, while Nararaj continued to repeat the holy words, he also raised his hood & hissed at anyone who tried to harm him.
The short moral story will help kids to understand the bigger picture of life. While not harming anyone in life is important, but hissing at bad people is equally vital.

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Funny jokes for kids [2 short stories for your children]

Here I share some funny jokes for kids. Hope your kids will like them and you will have a lovely time narrating the stories to your kids.

Funny jokes for Kids #1: Expansion and contraction


Scene 1:

It is Monday morning at school. The teacher entered the class.
All the students said ” Good morning Madam”
Madam said “Good morning! Today we will study Physics.”

Scene 2 :

The teacher said: “Today’s subject is expansion & contraction.
A substance when heated expands and when cooled, it contracts.”

Scene 3:

“Ravi, stand up. Explain expansion and contraction with example.”


Scene 4:

Ravi stood up and said, ” Madam, I have a practical example. We have long vacations in summer and short ones in winter”.

Funny jokes for Kids #2: Who was cleverer?

Tom & Harry were 2 good friends. One day Tom’s mother gave him Rs 50 as pocket money.
Tom thought for a while about where to keep the money so that it is safe.
After thinking for a long time, he decided it wise to bury the Rs 50 note under the ground.
Immediately he executed his idea. Now, to recognize the exact spot, he put up a notice board saying ” Rs 50 is not buried here”
Tom was happy with his execution and went away.
After some time, Harry was going through the same place and saw the notice board where it was written
” Rs 50 is not buried here”
He dug up the ground and found the Rs 50 note. He was very happy to take the money.
But then he thought – “I should do something so that no one suspects me”
So, in the same notice board, he scratched what Tom had written and wrote on his own – “Harry has not taken the money”
2 days later Tom decided to go to the same place to check whether his Rs 50 note was safe.
He dug up the ground and saw that his money was not there.
He was very unhappy and took the notice board to the nearest police station.
Tom informed the policeman about the incident & showed him the notice board.
The policeman saw the notice board where it was written: “Harry has not taken the money” and called upon Harry.
He told Harry to return the Rs 50 note to Tom and said –
“How funny! I am unable to understand who between you two is cleverer?”


Photo credit:
Thanks to Markus Spiske
Thanks to Ben White

Humorous story for Children : A man in a foolish world

A good humorous story helps to develop the wit element in the kids. In the same way, moral stories help in better character development. Your kid will enjoy hearing the humorous story below and have fun:


A man lived with his wife in a village in India. They lived in a hut and did not have any problems in life except one…
The only problem that the man had was that his wife was very foolish.
The man tried to train his wife but she was so foolish that all the attempts of the man failed.
One day, the man became so frustrated that he called his wife and said…
“Listen! I am frustrated with your foolish activities over the years! cannot stay anymore with you. I am going away from home today”
The wife cried and pleaded to her husband and said…
“Please husband, please do not do such injustice with me! I am a good human being. Only because I am foolish, please do not leave me alone and go away”
The husband thought to himself and said …
“Yes, what you are saying is correct. You are a good human being. But the foolish mistakes and blunders you do cannot be tolerated.”
But the wife kept crying…
Then the husband said “Ok, let me go now. I will be roaming around in different countries. If I get to see anyone who is more foolish than you are, I will return back home”
Saying this, he left for his journey…

The humorous story at Ajobdanga

After walking for several days, he went to a place called “Ajobdanga”.
While walking through the village roads, he heard some people screaming at the top of their voice
” Help! Help us! “
He ran near a Banyan tree & saw 4 men sitting on the ground side by side.
Their legs were stretched at 90 degrees. So, all the 4 pairs of legs were arranged one after the other.
The man inquired – “What happened? Why are you all shouting for help?”
The 4 men screamed – ” We have lost our legs, Sir! Please help find our legs”
The man could not believe his ears and said – “What are you saying? How can you lose your legs? I can clearly see your legs”
The 4 men replied, “Sir, if you can see our legs, please help us find our legs !”
The man still took some time to believe that those men could not separate out their legs.
While he took some time, the 4 men said – “You will be awarded if you can identify each of our legs.”

The solution …

Then the man said – “Can I get a stick somewhere ?”
The 4 men replied – “There! behind the banyan tree is a big-fat-stick!”
The man took the stick …. and hit it hard, very hard on the knees of each one.
All the 4 men screamed & shouted in pain! Then they jumped high up on the air out of excitement!
All 4 of them thanked the man for helping them find out their legs & honored him with lots of treasures.
The man was very happy to get those treasures as a gift. Then he thought to himself
“How foolish these men are! Now I feel that they are more foolish than my wife”
He again started his voyage for a new destination.

The humorous story at Bokadanga


A morning at a Tea shop :

One day, he was having a cup of tea at a tea shop in a village called “Bokadanga”.
There he saw many men & women running in a particular direction.
He asked the people at the tea shop – ” What happened? Why are the people running towards that hut ?”
The people at the tea shop said – “The family which stays in that hut are facing a peculiar problem. Their daughter has got married yesterday and after that, the problem has arisen”
The man inquired – “What is the problem?”
The people said – “We cannot explain to you from here. It is very difficult and the biggest issue in our village. You need to visit that place to understand”
So, the man decided to visit that hut, which was the focal point of the biggest issue of the village.

What is the issue?

On approaching the hut, he asked the people standing outside the hut – “What is the problem? Why is everyone looking so tensed and serious”
The people advised him to ask the owner of the hut for the details.
On inquiring the owner, the owner said –
“My daughter got married yesterday! Her husband is 6 feet tall but the door of our hut is only 5 feet in height. “
The man said – “So, where is the problem?”
The owner of the hut said –
“The problem is, we are unable to understand, how will my daughter’s husband enter the hut!
Some people are telling us that we should cut his legs so that he can enter the hut.
Some other people are advising us to cut the head of my daughter’s husband so that he can enter the hut.
We are unable to decide, what should we do !”
The man could not believe that someone could ever think of such a solution. He felt as if his belly would burst with laughter.
Then he said – ” I can tell you about an easy solution”.

The solution…

The daughter’s father said – ” Sir! Is it? If we are able to execute your idea without any problems, we will honor you with lots of treasures. Please tell us about the solution !”
The man said – “Tell your daughter’s husband to bend his head and enter the hut.”
Then he told the daughter’s husband “Bend down your head like this & enter the hut !”
Everyone present was surprised to see as the daughter’s husband as eased his way inside the hut.
Everyone present started clapping their hands in joy.
The man was presented with huge treasures & was honored.
Now the man thought to himself – ” I got angry with my wife. But now it seems that there are a lot more people in this world who are more foolish than my wife. As promised, let me return back home with all the treasures that I received in my journey”
A humorous story helps you relax and at the same time spend quality time with your kids.
To read a wonderful Kidsplay moral story: Frog in a Well


Photo credit : Thanks to Akhila Katuri

The best moral story for Kids [Story of the Wish tree]

Are you looking for the best moral story for kids? Today I present before you the story of “The Wish Tree”

The story is simple & you can narrate to the kids’ anytime. For instance, the story is a short one & you can use it as a bedtime story also.

Scene 1:

A tired villager was walking from one village to another on a hot sunny afternoon. He was very tired. He was sweating due to the heat outside. As a result, he was also very thirsty also.

Scene 2:

After walking for a few more miles, he saw a big banyan tree. He decided to take a rest under the tree. The banyan tree was huge and its leaves & branches created a shade for all to relax.

Scene 3 :

While relaxing under the tree, the man in his sub-conscious started thinking :
“The shade under the tree is so cool & pleasant. What if I had got a bed & a pillow to relax! “
A flash of light emerged & he saw that a beautiful bed emerged out of nowhere.
He was surprised! Yet, he was so happy that he jumped into the bed & started relaxing.

Scene 4 :

Now, another thought came to his mind. He thought
“What if I got some good food to eat. I am so hungry”
Again a flash of light! A plate full of delicious food came in front of him.
He was elated!
He was so hungry that he started eating the food.

Scene 5 :

Now he was a happy & satisfied man. He was relaxing on a comfortable bed. His stomach was also full. Now another thought came to his mind!
What was the thought?
He thought “What if a tiger comes here…..”
Before he could finish his thought, a tiger jumped over him & killed him.
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Moral of the story for kids

So, what is the moral of the story and why is this the best moral story for kids?
In the story, the tree under which he was relaxing was a “Wish Tree”. Whatever thoughts had come to his mind, each & everything got materialized.
The story teaches us that nature outside would fulfill everything we wish. However, we need to take care of our thoughts.
The more positive we think, the more optimistic we are – the better.
In the story, the man got benefitted when he was thinking positively. He got himself into trouble the moment he became pessimistic.
The World outside is a mix of both positive and negative. By reading this story, we should be careful to pick the positive ones only.
Why water a complete field which has your own crops as well as weeds. Water only your crops & not the weeds.
Teach the kids from childhood to focus only on the positive elements of life. Eventually, they would grow up into an individual with a strong character.

Photo credit: Thanks to Shaafi Ali

Time travel to 2040 in a time machine: A short imaginary story 

Sitting in 2020, we will time travel to 2040 in a time machine & narrate a short imaginary story on how lifestyle may change in the next 20 years
We all know that Covid-19 has hit us irrespective of country, religion, caste & creed.
Millions killed, Billions affected…
Unemployment has hit an all-time high, people compromising to feed their families…


As per mythology & Darwin’s theory of evolution, if you have to survive, you will have to change yourself.
In other words, evolution is the only permanent….
Remember the avatars in Hindu scriptures!
Matsya(aqua),Kurma (land+water)…Rama(territorial enemy),Krishna (enemy within family) & finally….
Kalki-the fight with SELF!
The more we understand SELF& apply in unison with nature, the more chances to survive in this battle!

Now let us time travel to 2040: a short imaginary story

Early morning diet :

Families opt for natural immunity boosters. For example, Tulsi leaves with honey, Haldi, etc

Early morning exercise :

Adults & children leave bed & go to the park to do freehand exercise & yoga. The main idea is to keep the body fit.
They come back home & wash their face, hands & feet thoroughly with soap & water. Then they dry their hands in hand-drier & enter the bedroom.
Therefore, it can be inferred that body fitness & cleanliness has gained priority.


Office timings have changed. The new scheduling for instance is as under  :
  • Alternate days a week
  • Day shifts & Night shifts
There is no hierarchy, all offices have a flat structure. Everyone in the organization has a specific role to perform for his job.
This has led to a reduction of office politics & thus stress. All negativities resulting from the same have also reduced.
People are now more fit. Seldom they have illnesses like BP or sugar resulting due to office-related tensions.
They can invest more time for family & lead a more productive day. Hobbies for instance photography, music, literature, etc have got precedence.
Kids spend more productive time with their parents. The narration of short stories has become a new habit for kids.
Therefore the Happiness Index has increased multi-fold.

Earning has reduced. Earlier, with more resources readily available, wastage was also commensurate. With the economic crisis creeping in, people have shifted the focus. The focus has shifted from LUXURIES to BASIC NEEDS

School :
Schools are also spread over the entire day; for instance from 7 am to 9 pm. Junior classes happen in the morning shift & senior classes in the evening.
Students can opt for Class-from-home when they are unwell.
Physical education is a mandatory period for all classes.
Students with good prospects are sent to the best sports institutions spread across the World.

With pollution @ pre-1980s level, the following changes have happened for instance :

  • Spotting planets like Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in the naked eye is no surprise.
  • Spotting rare birds, animals & aqua creatures is no rarer
Children have automatically gained interest in astronomy & wildlife.
There is lesser competition for traditional modes of education.
Now, passion has become a major driver for careers.
So what has changed in 20 years’ time in our short imaginary story? 
People have worked in unison with nature.
Simplicity has taken over complexity. Health has gained priority. Passion has driven careers.

What has been the result?

India has moved from 144th rank in Happiness Index to Top 3 on the list.

Photo credit: Thanks to ruddy.media


Know your SELF ! – a short story for Kids

Today I will share a short story for Kids which he/she would need in every stage of his/her life. The short story for Kids is about knowing your SELF.
After you read the story, you will also realize that the story is relevant even for the adults.

Here is the short story for kids :

Scene 1: A herd of sheep was grazing in the grassland. From the outskirts of the jungle, a lioness was staring at them. She was watching the herd & thinking about a mouth-watering lunch that day.
Scene 2: In a fraction-of-a-second, the Lioness jumped over the herd of sheep.
Scene 3: The herd of sheep was caught in a moment of surprise. All the sheep fled except one. The sheep which could not flee was pregnant.
Scene 4: To everyone’s surprise, the lioness landed on the ground in front of the pregnant sheep. But the lioness died of a heart attack.
Scene 5: The lioness was pregnant & just before the lioness died, she gave birth to a cub.
The lion cub grew up with great motherly care from the pregnant sheep. The cub was born just in front of the sheep & hence she had a great love for the cub.
He roamed in the grasslands, ate grass & led a life like the other sheep. Everyone including the lion cub himself knew himself to be a lamb.
One day while grazing in the grasslands, he met a Lion. The King of the jungle called him to his den.
The sheep-turned lion went to visit the King of the jungle with immense fear in mind. The king of the jungle told him that he was not a SHEEP but a LION.
Since his childhood, he had been with the lambs, ate grass, & behaved like the lambs & hence did not believe the lion.
The belief that he was a sheep was the only truth in his life. Nothing could shake his belief system.
Until one day the King of the jungle took him in front of a pond to show him his REAL SELF.
In the waterbody, apart from the King of the jungle, he saw another lion – which was none other than himself.
That day, for the first time he saw himself & realized that he too was a lion.
The transformation happened, he roared like a true lion & got liberated from the life of a sheep.

Source : 

This short story for Kids is from the Works of Swami Vivekananda. Knowing the SELF is very important in every aspect of life.

Use of the short story for kids in daily life :

We should never discourage anyone, in fact, tell everyone this story of knowing your SELF. Everyone has potential & courage like a lion. No one should think himself/herself as timid as a sheep.
Encourage kids to know his/her SELF. Every individual goes through a roller-coaster ride in his/her life.
Every time remind this story to your kids, it is a guarantee that a stronger person would immerge in no time.
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Photo credit:

Thanks to Kurt Cotoaga , Ulysse pcl, Samuel Scrimshaw


Work-life balance : a short moral story

Work-Life balancea short moral story

A story heard from my father when I started my professional journey. A moral story on Work-life balance
Any transition in life is always challenging. My stepping into the professional world from an MBA college was no different.
Distributor management, sales target pressure, traveling to remote areas, fieldwork…. Immense pressure made me irritated, agitated, excited, nervous & what not…
One day, seeing my condition, my father told me a story on work-life balance. The story is as under :
This is the story of a man who had a happy family comprising of wife & 2 children.
Near his house was a big banyan tree.
Work-Life-balance -a-short-moral-story
His children observed that whenever their father went to the office, he used to bend down under the tree. He waited for some time under the tree & then went to the office.
Again, when he came back from the office. he stood under the tree, waited for some time & then came back home.
After observing for a few days, they inquired –
“Father, what do you do under the Banyan tree ?”
Their father said with a smile –
“When I come home from the office, I hang the garland of office pressure, politics & everything related to the outside world in the tree.
Again, when I go to the office, I stand under the tree & put in the garland of the outside World & go to the office.


My father was working with an international MNC & never did he try to give me any dialogue or theory to solve my problem. But his narration of this short story of 5 minutes changed me forever.
It is always recommended to the parents to give quality time to their kids. A kid is like a seedling, the correct proportion of air, water & sunlight would help him/her grow as a beautiful human being.

Photo credit: Thanks to Fallon Michael
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